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PCI 30 seconds Newsletter N°4 - Merchant levels: What, Who and How

In today's post Iwill briefly outline the levels associated with PCI, and more specifically themerchant levels. What is a level? “Level” is a classification of organizations accepting and processing credit cards. They are defined and used by the payment brands to indicate what compliance validation procedures and reporting requirements targeted entities are expected to complete. There is no consensus in this area between payment brands (this would be too easy ) so there are as many levels de

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Overview of the PCI Assessor newsletter of May 11

Today I want to take a look at the Assessor newsletter issued by the PCI Council on May 11th. There's nothing new on the ASV iceberg in this newsletter; just two gentle reminders: 1. Submit a signed copy of the ASV Compliance Agreement from the Validation Requirements for Approved Scanning Vendors v2.0. 2. Qualify two staff through ASV Training by June 15, 2011 for companies having revalidated their ASV status prior June. All other ASV companies need to do so prior to thei

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PCI 30 sec Newsletter #3 - Distributing Roles

In this newsletter we will distribute the roles for the PCI play. And the winners are: Regulators (scriptwriters and directors) They are writing the scenarios and directing the play. The PCI council whose main responsibilities are: * Maintain the standards and supporting documentation * Qualify assessors and perform quality assurance checks of their work * Maintain a list of validated payment applications and approved PIN transaction security devices * Educate the community * Prom