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Updating Medical Devices FTW

The security community is all about the publicizing the horrors of being insecure. The focus has always been on finding the next exploitation, the next vulnerability or the most recent data breach.  Rarely is the focus on how well a company has secured a product or service.  This is especially true in the arena of embedded devices.  It is widely known that I do not use an insulin pump to manage my Type I diabetes, especially after the research that I have published on the security and software f

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Consumer Security Concerns for Medical Devices & Health Monitoring Tools

Recently I spoke with Bloomberg Radio's “Taking Stock” about the security risks associated with internet connected healthcare devices – specifically the medical devices that are connecting to users' smartphones and home networks, which enables physicians to receive their patients' healthcare information directly without requiring them to come into their office. While the increase in healthcare internet connectivity has many benefits - such as patients receiving treatment and diagnostics from do

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Joining the Rapid7 Team!

If I was asked to pick one word that encompasses the reason I decided to join Rapid7 as a Security Consultant and Researcher it would be community.  After seeing two of my colleagues, Trey Ford and Nick Percoco, join the ranks of Rapid7 over the last several months I knew that something special was happening, and curiosity being what it is, I started to do some research into what Rapid7 was about. Sure, there are all the wonderful technology they provide and the range of security products they o