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3 min Rapid7 Perspective

Rapid7 Subscription Pricing Update

Pricing Evolves Bike pedals pumping, climbing up that last hill, the sun just starting to creep over the Atlantic ocean peeking out over my right shoulder, there was only one thing left before heading home and devouring a warm breakfast; deliver that last newspaper to the house on the top of the hill. Paper routes were once the only source of income for many of us pre-internet kids. Paid per delivery, the job was also about being your own salesperson, securing subscriptions, and more importantl

2 min Application Security

Bug, Not Alert: How Application Security Must Use Different Words

"Words matter” is something that comes out of my mouth nearly each day. At work it matters how we communicate with each other and the words we use might be the difference between collaboration or confrontation. The same happens with the security world, especially when we communicate with folks in IT or within the devops methodology. Last week this became highly apparent sitting with folks attending OWASP's annual AppSec USA [], where they discussed the difference betwe

3 min Awards

Rapid7 On Top in SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls

Being great is, well… great, right? But as we all know it doesn't happen in a vacuum, it's an equation: Greatness = Individual Excellence + Teamwork + Meaningful Customer Relationships Coincidentally (or not), these items make up three of the five core values [] we strive towards here at Rapid7 – the other two play a role as well in ‘Disciplined Risk Taking' and ‘Continuous Learning', but we all know blog posts need three things,

4 min Events

User Cons: The Celebrities Amongst Us

Celebrity is an odd sensation. Rooms filled with seemingly normal people can suddenly shift into a buzz of excitement, anticipating the approaching time-slot of a well-known figure. We've all been there, and typically it's a movie star, former President, or Fortune 100 CEO in a mock turtleneck. Celebrity, however, comes in all different shapes and sizes. And in 1998 there was really only one major celebrity you cared about: Those that might not recognize the beaked goodness that is Furby, let

5 min Events

RSA 2016: Filtering Through The Noise

The memory is a fickle beast. Perhaps this past RSA Conference was my 14th, or my 8th, or 7th…hmmm, they often run together. In truth this Conference has become such an ingrained part of my life that my wife often jokes about becoming a “RSA Widow” the week of the conference, and then dealing with my “RSAFLU” the next week. Well this year was different team, this year SHE got sick upon my return, along with two of the kids. Oh karma, that was just deserved. And while the fridge is now full of Ta

2 min Incident Detection

There's More To A Name: Introducing InsightUBA

…intuition, perception, awareness, understanding, comprehension, wisdom… Each morning driving my two older boys to school we play the ‘synonym game', and I pit them against one another in a three-round battle to see how many alternatives they can come up with to the words I've selected that morning. The games get brutal; this is of no surprise to those who have seen my 1,000 page ‘ Synonym Finder []' book prominently displayed in