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How AWS and InsightVM Can Help You Securely Move to the Cloud

No one can deny that cloud adoption is increasing at a fast rate. Though moving to the cloud offers many advantages—such as speed of development, cost savings, and reduced overhead—one of the implications of adoption is that customers must change the way they approach security to adapt to hybrid and fully cloud infrastructure. As this happens, security practitioners have to consider how to use their current on-premises tools in both hybrid and fully cloud environments. The onus is on security v

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Magnificent7 In The Press!

Hi Open Source aficionados, As Androguard and Cuckoo Sandbox were announced as the initial winners of the Magnificent7 Program a very cool opportunity presented itself for the developers. Alan Shimmel of Network World, who does a great job covering a lot of security topics, sat down (via Skype) with the two developers to pick their brains about why they decided to start these innovative open source projects. Anthony Desnos of Angroguard and Claudio Guarnieri of Cuckoo Sandbox shared what they h

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Magnificent7 supports first round of open source projects

Welcome all, my name is Martin Nielsen and I'm the project manager of the Magnificent7. I will be uploading exciting new content, blogging, and fielding any questions you may have about the program. I'm looking forward to assisting all comers looking to get involved in the Magnificent7 community! So, drum roll please… the Magnificent7 Program is now up and running with Androguard and Cuckoo Sandbox the first two projects to be supported.  These are two really great projects and I'm looking forw