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4 min Compliance

Lessons from the Philippines’ Specific Approach to Data Privacy

Many parallels can be drawn between the Philippines Data Protection Act and GDPR, but there are some nuances between the two laws—and one massive difference.

2 min Incident Detection

The Rapid7 Belfast Security Operations Centre: Take a Video Tour

Get a behind the scenes look at the managed detection and response (MDR) team in the Rapid7 Belfast SOC. Watch now.

2 min Awards

Rapid7 Wins Best Security Company Award at SC Awards Europe!

TL;DR: Hooray! Thanks SC Awards Europe, we’re dead chuffed with the award! There are an actual tonne of incredible people at Rapid7. It’s an inspirational place, with amazing products and services, and a company ethos that really supports making a difference in the world. From the research we do, to the community support, to the public policy work that goes on, Rapid7 isn’t just your standard security software vendor. You might say I’m biased, but I can honestly tell you it’s a very special pla

4 min GDPR

GDPR Preparation March and April: Course Correct

Wow, how did March just happen? Living in a country that just fell apart like a clown car because of snow, it’s still feeling decidedly wintery here in the UK, and as a weather obsessed Brit I am fully looking forward to sunnier times. You know, that single day sometime in August. By that time, we’ll have crossed the border into the brave new world of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) [], and like many of you, I am curious as to what t

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Tonight I'm gonna IR like it's 99 (days until GDPR)…

Sorry Nena, it was going to be you or Prince that was going to get the headline, and whilst 99 Red Balloons [] is a catchy 80’s classic, I had to give credit to His Royal Purpleness []. It was that or pay tribute to a childhood favourite vanilla ‘whippy’ ice cream, adorned with a Cadbury’s Flake, but I’m not so sure that would resonate so well with a global audience. “Why 99?”, you may ask. Why not a nice roun

3 min Compliance

An Open Letter to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Dear OAIC, I love your website. I really, really, really, really, REALLY love your website. It is brilliant. Thank you. Warm regards, Samantha Humphries Rapid7 Senior Manager, Global Markets & Compliance Glad I’ve got that off my chest. I should probably elaborate on my feelings, not just because our community manager might think I’ve finally lost my remaining marbles and she has to approve this blog, but because I want you to love their website [] too, especially if

4 min GDPR

February – Test & Take Note

Well, if there’s one good thing to say about February, especially for those of us deep in the bowels of winter, it’s that January is finally behind us. However, it does bring the impending GDPR compliance [] date ever closer. February 25th 2018 marks the three month deadline, so there really isn’t much time left to get your GDPR houses nicely in order. We’ve been posting regular blogs on the subject for four months now, and if you’ve been followin

4 min GDPR

GDPR Preparation Checklist: January – Teach and Tidy

New year, new things to think about when it comes to your GDPR compliance [] preparations. Hopefully your GDPR project is in full swing by now. If it’s not, then you do really need to be getting your skates well and truly on. Do take a look through our November [/2017/11/14/gdpr-preparation-november-form-storm/] and December [/2017/12/04/gdpr-compliance-checklist-december-assess-review/] preparation blogs for ideas on how to get going. As of Janua

4 min GDPR

GDPR Compliance Checklist: December – Assess & Review

With under six months to go until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) [] comes into force, organizations that handle the personal data of EU citizens are preparing for this new compliance regulation. In order to help you through this new regulation, we’re creating a series of helpful blog posts to see you all the way to May 25th 2018. This GDPR-focused infographic [

2 min GDPR

UNITED Session on GDPR Compliance Now Available in Our GDPR Toolkit

Sunny September days in Boston seem a world away as I type this on a somewhat chilly November day in England. Billy Joe Armstrong definitely missed out, what with being asleep and all, not just on some beautiful weather, but also on attending Rapid7’s customer conference: UNITED []. And no doubt he’d have been front and centre for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR compliance) [] or GDP-Argh session. Well, a gir

3 min GDPR

GDPR Preparation: November – Form & Storm

With just over six months to go until the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR []) comes into force, organizations that handle the personal data of EU citizens are preparing for this new compliance regulation. If you’ve not gotten started yet, or your plans are still in their infancy, we’re creating a series of helpful blog posts to see you through to May 25th 2018. This infographic [

3 min Compliance

Australian Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016

Mandatory notification of data breaches is becoming more commonplace across the globe. Many financial institutions are now required to comply with NY DFS [] , any organization processing the personal data of EU citizens should be in the midst of their GDPR [] preparations, and now Australia has announced that it will also be joining the party. The Privacy Amendment (No

2 min GDPR

GDPR or GDP-argh? Find out at UNITED!

Contained within this post is a secret look into the talk-planning life of Samantha Humphries, Rapid7's senior manager for international solutions, and Katie Ledoux, a senior security analyst. Let's watch what happens. From: Caitlin Condon Sent: 16 August 2017 15:26 To: Samantha Humphries; Katie Ledoux Subject: Re: Blog post for your GDPR session at UNITED Sam! Katie! How would you two feel about writing a blog post on your UNITED [] session on GDPR compliance

6 min GDPR

Preparing for GDPR Compliance: 10 Actionable Recommendations

GDPR is coming….. If your organisation does business with Europe, or more specifically does anything with the Personal Data of EU Citizens who aren't dead (i.e. Natural Persons), then, just like us, you're going to be in the process of living the dream that is Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR compliance) []. For many organisations, this is going to be a gigantic exercise, as even if you have implemented processes and tec

3 min Awards

Finalists in FIVE categories at the Network Computing Awards!

Ring Ring! You're in the Final! It's always nice to get a phone call letting us know that we've been shortlisted for awards – but when it's five awards, we like those calls even more! Two of our products, and our company have reached the final stages for the Network Computing Awards, and of course we'd love it if you took a moment to vote for us please. La La Land may have racked up the Oscar noms, but at the Network Computing Awards it's looking good for LE LE Land! OK, so we might not quite