Last updated at Wed, 26 Jul 2017 13:05:07 GMT

Wow – 87 entries for our T-Shirt competition in one week. We were very impressed with both quantity and quality of the entries we received for designing the new Metasploit T-shirt, which will be featured in the new Metasploit store.

Now, it's your turn (again): We need you to vote for your favorite shirt. Starting with 87 entries, we conducted a quick office poll produce a shortlist of 15 for you to pick from. (Go here if you want to see all of them.)

Tremolo…. here they are (click on any image to enlarge it):

Below – #12 by rezeusor: “There's just something so wrong about being owned by an ASCII-art cow” (featuring the Metasploit cow)


Below – #14 by rezeusor: “My cow ate your firewall… then I milked your passwords” (featuring the Metasploit cow)


Below – #18 by Claire Medeiros: Her take on the Metasploit man


Below – #24 by jayrn: Helicopter chase


Below – #35 by Skip86: Metasploit shield with lightning bolts


Below – #36 by Danny Chrastil: Exploit hex code as pattern for Metasploit logo (featuring Metasploit cow)


Below – #39 by reeandra: The Metasploit Robot


Below – #40 by rezeusor: “Where the real penetration testers hang their hats”


Below – #44 by trevelyn412: “I got in”


Below – #45 by reeandra: “I hack villains” (featuring the Metasploit robot)


Below – #63 by gravisi: “I walk through firewalls”


Below – #67 by gravisi: “I mind-control computers”


Below – #72 by pan15: “Hack me if you can” (featuring the Metasploit ninja)


Below – #73 by reeandra: “I hack villains” (featuring white hat)


Below -  #77 by b0rsalin078: True Grit style


Selected your favorite? Great – here is how you vote: Tweet the following sentence, replacing [number] with your favorite design number:

I'm voting for Metasploit T-shirt design #[number]! #metasploitswag

The community vote closes at midnight on Thursday 21 April Eastern Time.

A word to the designers: Thanks for your submissions! Feel free to write comments to explain your designs.