Last updated at Wed, 07 Feb 2024 20:27:45 GMT

Hacker-designers! We need you! Show us your graphic skills, design an epic Metasploit t-shirt, and win Eternal Fame and Glory!

Ahem, er, rather, we're looking for someone to design this year's Metasploit t-shirt.

And if you are this year's winning Metasploit t-shirt designer, you will get $230USD and the notoriety and/or immense personal satisfaction in knowing that you're the 2015 Metasploit t-shirt designer, whose design will be printed on thousands of t-shirts that we'll distribute at this year's BlackHat conference in Las Vegas.

We've had stellar contributions in years past -- last year's design was quite nifty (see image at right) -- and as is only right for anything Metasploit-related, the winner is determined by community votes. So calling in old favors and leaning on your friends is highly encouraged!

This contest doesn't run for long, so act fast -- 2015 Metasploit T-Shirt Design Contest - 489841/brief