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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 06/21/2024

Argument Injection for PHP on Windows This week includes modules that target file traversal and arbitrary file read vulnerabilities for software such as Apache, SolarWinds and Check Point, with the highlight being a module for the recent PHP vulnerability submitted by sfewer-r7 []. This module exploits an argument injection vulnerability, resulting in remote code execution and a Meterpreter shell running in the context of the Administrator user. Note, that this attac

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 06/14/2024

New module content (5) Telerik Report Server Auth Bypass Authors: SinSinology and Spencer McIntyre Type: Auxiliary Pull request: #19242 [] contributed by zeroSteiner [] Path: scanner/http/telerik_report_server_auth_bypass AttackerKB reference: CVE-2024-4358 [] Description: This adds an exploit for CVE-2024-4358 which is an authentication bypass in Te

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 06/07/2024

New OSX payloads:ARMed and Dangerous In addition to an RCE leveraging CVE-2024-5084 to gain RCE through a WordPress Hash form, this release features the addition of several new binary OSX stageless payloads with aarch64 support: Execute Command, Shell Bind TCP, and Shell Reverse TCP. The new osx/aarch64/shell_bind_tcp payload opens a listening port on the target machine, which allows the attacker to connect to this open port to spawn a command shell using the user provided command using the exe

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 05/31/2024

Quis dīrumpet ipsos dīrumpēs In this release, we feature a double-double: two exploits each targeting two pieces of software. The first pair is from h00die [] targeting the Jasmine Ransomeware Web Server. The first uses CVE-2024-30851 to retrieve the login for the ransomware server, and the second is a directory traversal vulnerability allowing arbitrary file read. The second pair from Dave Yesland of Rhino Security targets Progress Flowmon with CVE-2024-2389 and it pai

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 05/23/2024

Infiltrate the Broadcast! A new module from Chocapikk [] allows the user to perform remote code execution on vulnerable versions of streaming platform AVideo (12.4 - 14.2). The multi/http/avideo_wwbnindex_unauth_rce module leverages CVE-2024-31819 [], a vulnerability to PHP Filter Chaining, to gain unauthenticated and unprivileged access, earning it an attacker value of High on AttackerKB [

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Metasploit Wrap-Up 05/17/2024

LDAP Authentication Improvements This week, in Metasploit v6.4.9, the team has added multiple improvements for LDAP related attacks. Two improvements relating to authentication is the new support for Signing [] and Channel Binding []. Microsoft has been making changes [

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Metasploit Wrap-Up 05/10/2024

Password Spraying support Multiple bruteforce/login scanner modules have been updated to support a PASSWORD_SPRAY module option. This work was completed in pull request #19079 [] from nrathaus [] as well as an additional update from our developers [] . When the password spraying option is set, the order of attempted users and password attempts are changed

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 05/03/24

Dump secrets inline This week, our very own cdelafuente-r7 [] added a significant improvement to the well-known Windows Secrets Dump module [] to reduce the footprint when dumping SAM hashes, LSA secrets and cached credentials. The module is now directly reading the Windows Registry remotely without having to dump the full registry keys to disk and parse th

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 04/26/24

Rancher Modules This week, Metasploit community member h00die [] added the second of two modules targeting Rancher instances. These modules each leak sensitive information from vulnerable instances of the application which is intended to manage Kubernetes clusters. These are a great addition to Metasploit’s coverage for testing Kubernetes environments []. PAN-OS RCE Metasploit also released an e

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Take Command Summit: Take Breaches from Inevitable to Preventable on May 21

Registration is now open for Take Command, a day-long virtual summit in partnership with AWS. You’ll get new attack intelligence, insight into AI disruption, transparent MDR partnerships, and more.

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 04/19/24

Welcome Ryan and the new CrushFTP module It's not every week we add an awesome new exploit module to the Framework while adding the original discoverer of the vulnerability to the Rapid7 team as well. We're very excited to welcome Ryan Emmons to the Emergent Threat Response team, which works alongside Metasploit here at Rapid7. Ryan discovered an Improperly Controlled Modification of Dynamically-Determined Object Attributes vulnerability in CrushFTP (CVE-2023-43177) versions prior to 10.5.1 whic

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 04/12/24

Account Takeover using Shadow Credentials The new release of Metasploit Framework includes a Shadow Credentials module added by smashery [] used for reliably taking over an Active Directory user account or computer, and letting future authentication to happen as that account. This can be chained with other modules present in Metasploit Framework such as windows_secrets_dump. Details The module targets a ‘victim’ account that is part of a

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 04/05/2024

New ESC4 Templates for AD CS Metasploit added capabilities [] for exploiting the ESC family of flaws in AD CS in Metasploit 6.3. The ESC4 technique in particular has been supported for some time now thanks to the ad_cs_cert_templates module which enables users to read and write certificate template objects. This facilitates the exploitation of ESC4 which is a misconfiguration in

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 03/29/2024

Metasploit adds three new exploit modules including an RCE for SharePoint.

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Metasploit Framework 6.4 Released

Today, Metasploit is pleased to announce the release of Metasploit Framework 6.4. It has been just over a year since the release of version 6.3 [] and the team has added many new features and improvements since then. For news reporters, please reach out to Kerberos Improvements Metasploit 6.3 included initial support for Kerberos authentication within Metasploit and was one of the larger features i