Last updated at Fri, 09 Feb 2024 14:38:09 GMT

Nexus Repository Manager RCE

This week our very own Will Vu wrote a module for CVE-2020-10199 which targets a remote code execution vulnerability within the Nexus Repository Manager. The vulnerability allows Java Expression Language (JavaEL) code to be executed. While the flaw requires authentication information to leverage it, any account is sufficient. This would allow any registered user to compromise the target server.

Unquoted Service Path LPE

Community contributor h00die made some improvements for the “Trusted Service Path” module. These changes renamed the module from “Trusted Service Path” to “Unquoted Service Path”, making it more easily identified based on recent technique references. The improvements allow it to check each path option for writable permissions, making it work in instances where the C drive is not directly writable but an applicable subdirectory is. Additionally, the module will now leave the executable on disk in the event that it fails to automatically restart the affected service. This allows the operator to wait for the target system to reboot and be executed when the service starts.

.NET Execute Assembly

Community contributor b4rtik added a new post module for executing .NET assemblies in memory using Meterpreter sessions. This provides a lot of options for using tools external to Metasploit (such as GhostPack/Seatbelt) in the context of post-exploitation. Everything is better in memory, and with the rising popularity of C# post exploitation tools, we’re excited to see this functionality put to good use!

Attacker knowledge for the masses

AttackerKB is now available as an open beta! AttackerKB is a new community-driven resource for analyzing, discussing, and sharing different perspectives on which vulnerabilities make the most appealing targets for attackers (and why). The goal of AttackerKB is to help security professionals separate the signal from the noise and make more informed decisions around risk and the impact to their organization.

New modules (8)

Enhancements and features

  • PR #13193 from h00die updated the Windows Unquoted Service Path module (formerly known as Trusted Service Path) to work better with modern Windows targets.
  • PR #13216 from adfoster-r7 enables the Metasploit team to more quickly provide detailed and consistent feedback on pull requests.
  • PR #13250 from busterb updates some unnecessary YAML warnings.

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