Last updated at Wed, 29 Nov 2023 23:57:15 GMT

In our quest to create a safer digital world for all, Rapid7 is also on a mission to reimagine the future of work, culture, and talent — admittedly, we've set the bar pretty high for ourselves. But that's part of the spirit of Never Done, one of our core values. We're always striving to do better, be bolder, and think bigger as we help organizations across the globe securely advance.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that we're expanding our US office footprint by opening our newest location in Tampa, Florida. With its fast-growing community of professionals — supported by a diverse population, great universities, and a strong veteran community — Tampa represents the next step in our quest to build the workplace of the future.

Building the next tech hub

We want to do something unprecedented in Tampa by taking an emerging center of tech activity to new heights as the next national hub of technology and innovation.

Tampa is fertile ground for this bold vision. The city recently ranked as one of the top 10 US metro areas for tech industry growth, and technology jobs have been increasing steadily here since 2015, with another 2% growth slated for 2021. This high concentration of tech jobs — and the talent to fill them — should come as little surprise, given the wealth of higher-learning institutions nearby, with 23 colleges and universities in the Tampa metro area. Tampa is also home to a strong military and veteran community centered around MacDill Air Force Base.

We want to take the seeds of potential in Tampa and grow them into a full-fledged tech ecosystem. To do that, we're not just building an office and creating jobs — we're putting a stake in the ground to help shape the future of Tampa.

To bring this vision to life, Rapid7 is partnering with Tampa-area colleges and universities to keep fueling the growth of local talent and build a stronger security community in the city than ever before. Our goal is to have 30% or more of our Tampa team be local college graduates and/or recently retired military. We're also planning to partner with inclusion-focused STEM programs to help create a more diverse and supportive tech community through leadership and service.

Walking the walk on diversity

Rapid7 believes everyone deserves an equal opportunity to build the career they want — and that diversity of experience and viewpoints helps drive the innovation on which a healthy technology culture thrives. By boosting creativity and bringing a wider range of insights to inform better decision-making, diverse teams help drive business outcomes. In Tampa, we're excited to walk the walk in our commitment to diversity and continue to bring this vision to life.

We believe a diverse workforce is integral to the success of our organization and the culture we want to build. That's why we're building something truly unique and putting diversity first in our hiring plan in order to build a team that reflects the rich, diverse character of Tampa.

We have ambitious goals to hire, retain, and develop talent with diverse backgrounds and experiences, with targets set for Black, Latinx, and female hires that we intend not only to meet, but to exceed. We're aiming for a team that is 50% or more from diverse backgrounds.

With a diverse team that is empowered to be their one-of-a-kind, authentic selves in their day-to-day work — in keeping with our core value of Bring You — the Rapid7 Tampa office will truly help push the city forward as a hub of tech growth.

Build the workplace of the future with us

The task of securing the digital world is more complex and challenging than ever before. At a time when data breaches are increasing in frequency and severity, people need best-in-class security tools that are easy to use and deliver results. But as the challenge increases, so does the opportunity — and having the right people on board is all the more critical.

Our vision of the workplace of the future is not only diverse and rooted in the community, but also flexible, with a hybrid model that accommodates work-life balance while providing a collaborative in-office experience to promote teaming. In our effort to build the workplace of the future, we want to think ahead of the curve — taking the best of what we've learned from remote work in 2020 and 2021 while allowing talented team members to collaborate in person. We think the future of work involves flexible in-office policies while also allowing teams to spend time face-to-face. This makes room for serendipitous collaboration, fosters stronger relationships, and helps us support employees in developing their careers through learning and mentorship, which are enhanced by the in-office experience.

In Tampa, we have an exciting opportunity to build a model for the workplace of the future, blazing the trail rather than playing catch-up. This involves bringing a flexible, hybrid work model together with a diverse, dynamic culture that makes building a safer digital world rewarding and fun, while giving back to the community and setting the pace of growth and innovation in emerging centers of tech talent.

At our new location at Water Street Tampa, we're adding more than 100 positions in data and software engineering, business development, customer support, IT, and people strategy.

Ready to help us meet today's security needs, reimagine the future of work, and pave a path for the future of tech in Tampa? Check out our open roles.