Last updated at Wed, 17 Nov 2021 20:34:36 GMT

Rapid7 is investing heavily in the reporting and dashboard capabilities of InsightVM. In 2021 alone, we launched the ability to filter dashboards via single query, a new report creation wizard powered by our query builder, several use-case-driven dashboard templates, and most recently, the ability to distribute reports via email. This allows users to easily and quickly distribute reports to users who may not have access to InsightVM.

For example, let's say Theresa is tasked with giving her manager a copy of our Patch Tuesday dashboard as a PDF at the end of every month. Previously, she had to go to the Reports Management page in InsightVM, download the PDF, create an email, and send this to her manager — who does not have an InsightVM account.

Now, she can either create this report via the query builder or edit the existing report, then check the checkbox labeled “Permit users who do not have access to console" under the “Shared with" section, and enter her manager's email address. InsightVM will automatically send a link to an encrypted and password-protected PDF of the report and another email that contains the password.

This additional security feature was included because of the increased threat surrounding proprietary information. For example, say Theresa creates an Assets report that is delivered every Friday to a colleague, and that colleague accidentally forwards the email with the PDF link to an unattended party. While the recipient could download the PDF, they're blocked from viewing the contents because they don't have the password.

This is an example of our evolution to more powerful features in the SaaS version of InsightVM, and our intention here is to reduce the burden of reporting to various stakeholders so that they can get back to what they do best: securing their environments.

We are excited to bring this functionality to our users. Please read our help documents for more information.