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3 min Cloud Security

Update for CIS Google Cloud Platform Foundation Benchmarks - Version 1.3.0

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) recently released an updated version of their Google Cloud Platform Foundation Benchmarks - Version 1.3.0.

4 min Cloud Security

Cloud-Native Application Protection (CNAPP): What's Behind the Hype?

Is CNAPP a one-in-all answer to building secure apps in a cloud-first ecosystem, or is it part of a larger story? This post takes a closer look.

6 min Cloud Security

InsightCloudSec Supports the Recently Updated NSA/CISA Kubernetes Hardening Guide

The NSA and CISA recently updated their Kubernetes Hardening Guide. Here's how InsightCloudSec supports the updated guidance.

3 min Cloud Security

Rapid7 Recognized as Top Ranked in Current Offering Category in Forrester Wave™ for Cloud Workload Security

We’re excited to share that Rapid7 has been recognized as a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave™: Cloud Workload Security, Q1 2022.

6 min Cloud Security

Cloud Security and Compliance: The Ultimate Frenemies of Financial Services

Here are four ways finserv companies can embrace the love-hate relationship with cloud security and compliance while effectively navigating the need to maintain pace with today's rapid rate of change.

3 min Cloud Security

Why Security in Kubernetes Isn't the Same as in Linux: Part 2

Security for Kubernetes might not be quite the same as what you're used to. This post covers the security concerns unique to Kubernetes.

4 min Cloud Security

Why Security in Kubernetes Isn't the Same as in Linux: Part 1

Deploying your product on a Kubernetes cluster has a different security cost than on a traditional Linux server.

3 min Cloud Security

Stay Ahead of Threats With Cloud Workload Protection

Cloud workload protection (CWP) brings major structural changes to software development and enhances security across all processes.

3 min Cloud Security

Kubernetes Guardrails: Bringing DevOps and Security Together on Cloud

Kubernetes Guardrails in InsightCloudSec help DevOps and security teams both realize the full benefits of cloud and container technologies.

6 min Cloud Security

InsightCloudSec Supports 12 New AWS Services Announced at re:Invent

The InsightCloudSec team has worked day and night for the last week to deliver support for a dozen of the new services that AWS rolled out at re:Invent.

3 min Cloud Security

Make Room for Cloud Security in Your 2022 Budget

Are you thinking about cloud security when making your 2022 budget? You should be.

2 min Cloud Security

Time to Act: Bridging the Gap in Cloud Automation Adoption

An overwhelming majority of organizations recognize the value of the cloud, but not all have implemented cloud automation in their security program.

3 min Cloud Security

Automation Enables Innovation in the Cloud

One critical part of preventing cloud misconfigurations is the strategic, gradual adoption of automated notification and remediation workflows.

4 min Cloud Security

A Matter of Perspective: Agent-Based and Agentless Approaches to Cloud Security, Part 1

When it comes to securing your cloud assets' activities at runtime, the first step is deciding how.

5 min Cloud Security

Turn On, Tune In, Drop the Noise: Achieve Better Cloud Security by Reducing Noise

For security professionals, it's easy to get lost in the noise. And when it comes to cloud security, tuning into the signal is essential.