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8 min AWS

Automating the Cloud: AWS Security Done Efficiently

Today, we are going to be installing software on all your existing EC2 instances across several (or all!) accounts under an organization in AWS.

3 min InsightConnect

Responding to Cloud-Based Security Incidents with InsightConnect: AWS Security Hub

In this post, we’ll show you firsthand how security orchestration and automation (SOAR) helps teams accelerate their response to cloud-based threats.

3 min Automation and Orchestration

How to Automate Threat Hunting with SOAR for Faster Response Times

In this blog, we highlight four ways security orchestration and automation (SOAR) tools can streamline the threat hunting process.

2 min InsightVM

How Rapid7’s AWS Security Hub Integrations Increase Cloud Visibility and Automate Security Operations

As part of our ongoing commitment to support customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rapid7 announces integrations with the AWS Security Hub for vulnerability management and SOAR solutions.

3 min Automation and Orchestration

How to Automate Phishing Investigations and Remediation

Here are four ways security orchestration and automation (SOAR) tools can streamline the phishing investigation process.

4 min Automation and Orchestration

Introducing the Security Orchestration and Automation Playbook: Your Practical Guide to Implementing SOAR

We created the Security Orchestration and Automation Playbook to help you understand which use cases are prime for SOAR.

3 min Automation and Orchestration

How Security Automation Enables Business Agility

How can any organization’s security team balance these priorities in a rapidly shifting security landscape while staying agile? Automation.

2 min InsightConnect

From InsightConnect, With Love: Wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day to Our Most Popular Plugins

Happy Valentine's Day! This year, we're celebrating some of our most popular InsightConnect plugins by sending them valentines.

4 min Automation and Orchestration

SOARing Toward an Efficient SOC: How Security Orchestration and Automation Can Add Immediate Value in 2019

Thanks to security orchestration and automation (SOAR), it is possible to work efficiently with the resources you already have.

4 min InsightConnect

How Rapid7’s Orchestration and Automation Solution Boosted a Higher Education Security Team’s Effectiveness

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Elliott to discuss why his team chose Rapid7 and how our solution has increased the overall effectiveness of his security team.

4 min InsightConnect

Security Orchestration and Automation: Not Just for Mature Organizations

Think that security, orchestration, and automation (SOAR) is only for mature organizations? Think again. Here are some ways your company can benefit from SOAR solutions.

3 min InsightVM

Introducing Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR) on the Rapid7 Insight Platform

Rapid7 is proud to officially announce orchestration and automation on our Insight platform, with automation taking shape in a number of existing products and our new SOAR offering, Rapid7 InsightConnect.

2 min InsightIDR

Faster Investigations, Closer Teamwork: InsightIDR Enhancements

Incident investigations aren’t easy. Imagine investigation as a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle, except there are a million unarranged pieces to build from. Top analysts need to know what “bad” looks like and how to find it, and they must bring a sharp Excel game to stitch everything together...

3 min InsightIDR

InsightIDR Now Supports Multi-Factor Auth and Data Archiving

InsightIDR is now part of the Rapid7 platform. Learn more about our platform vision and how it enables you to have the SIEM solution you've always wanted.

5 min Automation and Orchestration

The Effective Components of Security Orchestration

It’s one thing to have a plan for security orchestration [], but it’s another to get it up and running and use it to its full potential. At this point, most security professionals know that security orchestration and automation [] are a “need to have,” not a “nice to have,” but to fully leverage security orchestration, there are a few considerations that will help yo