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3 min Automation and Orchestration

Will Investing in Security Orchestration Make Your SIEM Obsolete?

As more companies continue to adopt security orchestration, many are now wondering if their security information and event management (SIEM) [] systems will soon become obsolete. Security teams use SIEMs to manage and correlate alerts from detection tools with other data and logs. While SIEMS help to corral alerts and log data, they often don’t do much in the way of reducing alerts or investigatory tasks after an alert comes in. Security teams have many

4 min Automation and Orchestration

What is Security Automation?

Security has always been a numbers game. Time to detection and time to response have been metrics security teams have sought to reduce since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of computers…). But what does it take to actually reduce that number? If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re no stranger to the challenges in the world of security today. Between the security talent gap [/2016/08/30/5-reasons-companies-are-losing-security-talent-and-what-to-do/] and the rapid prolifer

3 min Automation and Orchestration

3 Steps to Transform Your Security Operations with Security Orchestration

Considering the sheer number of security tools and threats out there today, security operations [] can quickly get overwhelming if you don’t have a way to manage the complexities in a systematic fashion. Much of this management between tools and processes is done manually by people today, but this way isn’t exactly sustainable in the long term for security teams — especially coupled with an increasing volume of alerts, events, and security incidents. Tha

1 min Automation and Orchestration

A Guide on Security Automation Best Practices

Ask three different security teams what is holding them back from faster time-to-response and chances are you’ll get three different answers: 1. Manual, time-intensive processes 2. Lack of integrated tools 3. Lack of development resources All of these problems exist across both big and small companies in any industry, from healthcare to finance to e-commerce. But in a digital world where attacks are both prevalent and pervasive, defenders always need to be a step (if not two) ahead. This i

3 min Automation and Orchestration

What is Security Orchestration?

The best security operation centers (SOCs) [] are built on efficiency and speed-to-response. But if you’ve ever worked in a SOC or on a security team, you know it’s tough to get your security systems, tools and teams to integrate in a way that streamlines detection, response, and remediation. One of the most tedious tasks of all is cobbling together alert details to assess if a security event is a real threat, along with correlating