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Top 5 Questions from the June Walkthrough Webinar

The June Walkthrough Webinar was broadcasted & recorded on June 9th 2016. This broadcast included a Logentries demonstration and live Q&A. Below is a sample of some of the questions asked by the audience following the demonstration. To try out the features mentioned below sign up for a Logentries free trial [

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Introducing LEQL: BYTES

Take a Byte out of Anomalous Log Volumes One of the most common questions asked by users of our Log Management platform [] is “where is my log volume coming from?”  There are a number of ways to interpret this question.  Do I have a log source that is sending more events than usual?  D

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A different way to log your website usage

Our recently published whitepaper [] demonstrates some of the more business-orientated metrics that you can log so you can get a better insight into your interactions with customers. There may also be some Sales & Marketing type interactions with potential customer

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Tableau Server Log Analytics: Easily Monitor Your Data Analytics Stack

Over a few short years, Tableau has changed the way employees use data to make better business decisions. Thanks to Tableau’s robust set of admin capabilities, administrators are now empowered to change the way traditional business intelligence software is managed. Join Tableau, Pluralsight and Logentries on Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 2:00 PM EDT as we explore how to develop a simple technology stack for next-gen management of Tableau. Webinar Details Date: Thursday, June 16th, 2016 @ 2:00 P

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Logging for Continuous Integration

If you look at the title of this post, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “huh, that’s never really come up.”  Of course, it’s possible that you’re not. But, in my travels as a consultant helping dev teams with practice and gap analysis, I’ve never had anyone ask me, “what do you recommend in terms of a logging solution for continuous integration?” But hey, this is an easily solved problem, right?  After all, continuous integration [] meansJenkins [

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Webinar Recap: How to Easily Send and Use your IoT Data in the Cloud

Our webinar [] was broadcasted & recorded on May 25th 2016. During this broadcast, Rapid7 Consulting Software Architect David Tracey discussed how to easily capture, aggregate, analyze and alert on your IoT data using Logentries. Below is a brief summary of some of the topics David covered. To watch a recording of the full webinar on-demand, click here [

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Integrating Logentries With .NET The How and Why

A robust logging strategy opens up a world of potential improvements for your .Net applications through application logging. Application logging provides valuable insight. Insight that can only benefit your network application stack since your .Net application is the front line for enhancing your customer’s experience. Bringing meaning to all the potential information that your .Net application can collect is what Logentries does best. Logentries makes getting this valuable information into y

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Intrinsically fast: more JVM performance tinkering

I didn’t expect my last post [/2016/03/14/a-point-of-contention-cache-coherence-on-the-jvm/] on JVM perf to be so well received, so I thought I’d carry on digging into why your code does (or doesn’t) run fast! Let’s forget about concurrency for now and instead focus on the executable machine code that the Java Virtual Machine (and particularly HotSpot) generates. In Java-land it’s pretty common to hear people mention stuff about ‘warmup times’, especially in the context of an incendiary micro

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Now Available: REST Query API

[/2016/05/now-available-rest-query-api/] Our new REST Query API is now included as part of the Logentries Team plan []. Complimentary access to the REST Query API for all active Starter and Pro accounts is also available for a limited time. Don’t have an account yet? You can try out all the features of Logentries (including the Query API) with our free 30-day trial [

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Implementing Self-Describing Log Data Using NodeJS

In my previous article, How to Ensure Self-Describing Log Data using Log4Net [/2016/04/how-to-ensure-self-describing-log-data-using-log4net/], I showed you a  technique that made structuring your logging information as key-value and JSON under Log4Net an easier undertaking. In this article I am going to apply the same concepts to NodeJS. I’ll show you how to make it so that so you can ensure logging uniformity among all the NodeJS developers in your enterprise with little to no additional effo

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How To: Send Logentries Alerts to BigPanda

Working in customer support we are usually the first to receive feature requests, integration requests or recommendations. We would then relay this to our product team. But we often get requests that we can tackle ourselves whether this may be small coding tasks or account changes. So when we heard a user wanted to be able to forward their Logentries alerts to, we made that happen. When any issues occur, time to resolution matters. Because Logentries streams your log data in real-

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Raspberry Pi, Logs and IoT - Sending Pi Log and Sensor data to Logentries

In the previous blog post [/2016/02/iot-made-real-using-ti-sensortag-data-with-logentries/] we learned how to send IoT data from the TI CC 2650 SensorTag to Logentries using Node-Red and directly using Linux. This Blog will show how to send data from a Raspberry Pi device to Logentries [

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Webinar: How to Easily Send and Use your IoT Data in the Cloud

Rapid7 Consulting Software Architect David Tracey spends his days working on the Logentries product creating a Highly Scalable Log Storage, Analytics and Querying System with emphasis on introducing RESTful Architecture and APIs. David has published a series of blog posts about working with IoT [/category/iot/] data in the cloud. Join [] David Tracey and the Logentries by Rapid7 team on Wednesday, May 25,

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A Query Language for Your Logs

Application logging is the software world’s version of archeology. At runtime, your application lives in a rich, colorful, 3-dimensional world of flowing aqueducts, packed coliseums, and bustling streets.   There’s more going on than can possibly be captured. When you’re trying to reproduce and correct a reported issue, you play archeologist. The vibrant, live world is gone, and you’re left to piece reality back together using only decorated pots, spearheads, and fragments of frescoes. In oth

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Integrating the Logentries Javascript Library With React

React.js has proven itself a powerful contender in the world of Javascript frameworks. Arguably, it has become one of a handful of libraries that all web developers should consider for current or upcoming projects. Understanding how it integrates with other libraries in your technology stack is an important part of that consideration. If you currently use, or are considering using Logentries [