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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: 7/7/23

Apache RocketMQ We saw some great teamwork this week from jheysel-r7 [] and h00die [] to bring you an exploit module for CVE-2023-33246 []. In Apache RocketMQ version 5.1.0 and under, there is an access control issue which the module leverages to update the broker's configuration file without authentication. From here we can gain remote code execution as whichever user is ru

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: 6/30/23

Nothing but .NET? Smashery continues to… smash it by updating our .NET assembly execution module. The original module allowed users to run a .NET exe as a thread within a process they created on a remote host. Smashery’s improvements let users run the executable within a thread of the process hosting Meterpreter and also changed the I/O for the executing thread to support pipes, allowing interaction with the spawned .NET thread, even when the other process has control over STDIN and STDOUT. The

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: 6/23/23

I like to MOVEit, MOVEit, We like to MOVEit! Party hard just like it's Mardi Gras! bwatters-r7 [] delivered the dance moves this week with a masterful performance. The windows/http/moveit_cve_2023_34362 module is available for all your party needs, taking advantage of CVE-2023-34362 [], this module gets into the MOVEit database and nets shells to help you "Keep on jumpin' off the floor"! New modul

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: Jun. 16, 2023

Metasploit T-Shirt Design Contest In honor of Metasploit's 20th anniversary, Rapid7 is launching special edition t-shirts - and we're inviting members of our community to have a hand in its creation. The contest winner will have their design featured on the shirts, which will then be available to pick up at Black Hat 2023. We will be accepting submissions from now through June 30! Contest details, design guidelines, and submission instructions here [

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: Jun. 9, 2023

MOVEit It has been a busy few weeks in the security space; the MOVEit [] vulnerability filling our news feeds with dancing lemurs and a Barracuda [,linkedin&utm_me

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: Jun. 7, 2023

Metasploit adds new support for Amazon Web Services EC2 instance enumeration with integrated session support, Apache NiFi scanners, and more

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: 6/2/23

Support added for Active Directory Certificate Services ESC4 Exploitation, and a new sudoedit extra arguments privilege escalation module

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: 5/19/23

Fetch Based Payloads: Making the Path from Command Injection to Metasploit Session Shorter This week we’re releasing Metasploit fetch payloads. Fetch payloads are command-based payloads that leverage network-enabled applications on remote hosts and different protocol servers to serve, download, and execute binary payloads. Over the last year, two thirds of the exploit modules landed to Metasploit Framework were command injection exploits. These exploits will be much easier to write with our new

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Metasploit Wrap-Up: May 12, 2023

New modules for Zyxel Router RCE, Pentaho Business Server Auth Bypass, ManageEngine ADAudit authenticated file write RCE, and HTTPTrace functionality added to scanner modules

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: May 5, 2023

Throw another log [file] on the fire Our own Stephen Fewer authored a module targeting CVE-2023-26360 [] affecting ColdFusion 2021 Update 5 and earlier as well as ColdFusion 2018 Update 15 and earlier. The vulnerability allows multiple paths to code execution, but our module works by leveraging a request that will result in the server evaluating the ColdFusion Markup language on an arbitrary file on the remote system. This all

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/28/23

Scanner That Pulls Sensitive Information From Joomla Installations This week's Metasploit release includes a module for CVE-2023-23752 by h00die []. Did you know about the improper API access vulnerability in Joomla installations, specifically Joomla versions between 4.0.0 and 4.2.7, inclusive? This vulnerability allows unauthenticated users access to web service endpoints which contain sensitive information such as user and config information. This module can be used to

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/21/23

VMware Workspace ONE Access exploit chain A new module contributed by jheysel-r7 [] exploits two vulnerabilities in VMware Workspace ONE Access to attain Remote Code Execution as the horizon user. First being CVE-2022-22956 [], which is an authentication bypass and the second being a JDBC injection in the form of CVE-2022-22957 [] ultimately granting us RCE. The module

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/14/23

Rocket Software UniRPC Exploits Ron Bowes [] submitted two exploit modules [] for vulnerabilities he discovered [] in the UniRPC server for Rocket Software’s UniData product. The first exploit module, exploit/linux/misc/unidata_udadmin_auth_bypass exploits an authentication bypass to ultimately gain remot

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/7/23

The tide rolls in and out. The flood of new modules last week crested leaving ample time for documentation updates this week. The team and the community seem to have focused on getting those sweet sprinkles of information that help everyone understand Metasploit out to the world. Enhancements and features (1) * #17458 [] from steve-embling [] - Updates the exploit/multi/misc/weblogic_deserialize_ba

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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up: Mar. 31, 2023

5 new modules including Windows 11 WinSock Priv Esc, SolarWinds Information Service (SWIS) RCE and AMQP Support