Last updated at Mon, 22 Apr 2024 13:58:05 GMT

Registration is now open for Take Command, a day-long virtual summit in partnership with AWS. You do not want to miss it. You’ll get new attack intelligence, insight into AI disruption, transparent MDR partnerships, and more.

In 2024, adversaries are using AI and new techniques, working in gangs with nation-state budgets. But it’s “inevitable” they’ll succeed? Really?

Before any talk of surrender, please join us at Take Command. We’ve packed the day with information and insights you can take back to your team and use immediately.

You’ll hear from Chief Scientist Raj Samani, our own Chief Security Officer Jaya Baloo, global security leaders, hands-on practitioners, and Rapid7 Labs leaders like Christiaan Beek and Caitlin Condon. You’ll get a first look at new, emergent research, trends, and intelligence from the curators of Metasploit and our renowned open source communities.

You’ll leave with actionable strategies to safeguard against the newest ransomware, state-sponsored TTPs, and marquee vulnerabilities.

Can’t make the entire day? Check out the agenda, see what fits

The summit kicks off with back-to-back keynotes. First, “Know Your Adversary: Breaking Down the 2024 Attack Intelligence Report” and “The State of Security 2024.”

You’ll get an insider view of Rapid7’s MDR SOC. Sessions range from “Building Defenses Through AI” to “Unlocking Success: Strategies for Measuring Team Performance” to a big favorite “Before, During, & After Ransomware Attacks.” Though no one really talks about it, there’s a lengthy “before” period, and new, good things you can do to frustrate the bad guys.

Take Command will offer strategies on building cybersecurity culture (yes, it’s difficult with humans). And, of course, preparing for the Securities & Exchange Commission's Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules. You’ll hear from Sabeen Malik, VP, Global Government Affairs and Public Policy, Kyra Ayo Caros Director, Corporate Securities & Compliance and Harley L. Geiger, Venable LLP.

Now, turning the tables on attackers is possible

Adversaries are inflicting $10 trillion in damage to the global economy every year , and the goal posts keep moving. As risks from cloud, IoT, AI and quantum computing proliferate and attacks get more frequent, SecOps have never been more stressed. And more in need of sophisticated guidance.

Mark your calendar for May 21. Get details here. You’ll be saving a lot more than the date.