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Who Are Your Heroes, and Why?

For those that don't know me, I'm Corey Thomas, the CEO of Rapid7, which I consider to be a position of privilege given the extraordinary group of colleagues, customers, and partners I get to work with. I am very passionate about the security community and the role that you play in safeguarding technology for users around the world. Rapid7 strives to support this community in a number of ways – from research, to policy work, to offering open source tools, to driving constant innovation in our so

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What is your biggest prediction for 2016?

Following up our earlier post with 2015 key learnings [/2015/11/24/what-was-your-key-learning-from-2015], we asked our panel of lovely infosec pros to gaze into their crystal balls, consult the runes, and read their tea leaves to make their predictions for 2016. In many cases, their notes are less prophetic and more ardent hopes for a better, more secure future. We've listed their predictions below, including several from our own fabulous Team Rapid7 (though I'm obviously biased!).  We hope you'

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2014 InfoSec retrospective, predictions for 2015

It's that time of year: We take stock of the year that was, and look to what's coming next. I thought it would be interesting to turn to various experts within Rapid7 for their own musings on how security, as an industry, did in the past year, and where our industry is headed in 2015. They've kindly shared their perspectives and predictions with us below. I'm curious what you think—what was the watershed moment for infosec in 2014? What's going to drive conversations in 2015? Comments, retorts,

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2014 Predictions: Cloudy With a Chance of Data Loss

It's the start of a new year, and over the holidays I asked the security researchers and aficionados at Rapid7 to dust off their crystal balls, deal out their tarot cards, throw down their runes, and study their tea leaves to come up with predictions for security trends in 2014. Once they stopped heckling me, they did agree to share their insights for what we may see in the coming year, and without so much as a suggestion of killing a goat. Here are seven of their predictions (yes, yes, we like