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3 min DFIR

Unlock Broader Detections and Forensics with Velociraptor in Rapid7 XDR

Rapid7 is excited to announce the integration of Velociraptor, our leading open-source DFIR framework, into the Insight Platform for InsightIDR Ultimate users — all with no additional deployment or configurations required.

3 min Security Operations (SOC)

Powerlifting in the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

If your SOC hasn’t been running smoothly in a while, there’s likely multiple reasons why. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. An MDR provider could help you weather the talent gap.

4 min Security Operations (SOC)

Culture Fitness

Companies all over the world tout their positive cultures and how great it is to be part of the team. But what a shrewd potential hire should really be looking for is a culture with true depth, not just a social media presence.

3 min Security Operations (SOC)

How to Foster Talent in a Cybersecurity Skills Gap

It’s more about thoughtfully building a talent pipeline that benefits your specific organization and moves the needle for the company. The key word in that last sentence? Thoughtfully.

3 min Security Operations (SOC)

The Intelligent Listing: Cybersecurity Job Descriptions That Deliver

Modern job descriptions cause a lot of eye-rolling. What used to be a couple of paragraphs is now filled with a laundry list of too many "requirements."

4 min Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

The Empty SOC Shop: Where Has All the Talent Gone?

Here's a closer look at some strategies you can use to address churn and staffing shortages in your security operations center (SOC).

2 min Security Operations (SOC)

Cybersecurity Analysts: Job Stress Is Bad, but Boredom Is Kryptonite

Repetitive tasks are a big part of a cybersecurity analyst’s day. But combining monotony with the need for attentiveness can be kryptonite.

3 min Detection and Response

The Future of the SOC Is XDR

Extended detection and response (XDR) is increasingly gaining traction across the industry.

2 min Detection and Response

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (More Data): What Security Pros Are Saying

Eight in 10 organizations collect, process, and analyze security operations data from more than 10 sources, but security analysts need even more.

2 min Research

Today’s SOC Strategies Will Soon Be Inadequate

New research sponsored by Rapid7 explores the momentum behind SOC modernization and the role extended detection and response (XDR) plays.

3 min InsightIDR

Are You in the 2.5% Who Meet This Cybersecurity Job Requirement?

Multitasking has become a cybersecurity job requirement, but with the right technology, there could be a better way.

1 min InsightIDR

This CISO Isn’t Real, But His Problems Sure Are

The odds are stacked against this poor guy (and you) now – but a unified Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and SIEM restacks them in your favor.

3 min InsightIDR

The Great Resignation: 4 Ways Cybersecurity Can Win

Cybersecurity has had a talent shortage for years. Here are four ideas about how to prepare for it and win.

3 min InsightIDR

Is it the End of the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Crisis Yet?

The cybersecurity skills crisis is stuck in its fifth straight year of zero-progress. XDR may be able to change that.

3 min CISOs

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap Is Widening: New Study

A new study reveals organizations are having serious trouble sourcing top-tier cybersecurity talent — despite their need to fill these roles growing more urgent by the day.