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3 min SOAR

Amplifying Impact to Reduce Friction: A Guide to Security Team Efficiency

In this blog, Rapid7 product leaders offer advice on how to free up security teams to address critical threats and eliminate repetitive tasks.

6 min SOAR

Managing Cybersecurity in the Real Estate Industry: A Rapid7 Customer Story

We sat down with Tony Hamil, the senior cybersecurity engineer for a real estate development company, to hear how he and his team are managing security.

2 min InsightConnect

How to Simplify InsightConnect Workflows Using Join Step

In this blog, we discuss how to simplify your InsightConnect workflows by using the Join Paths Step.

3 min COVID-19

Optimizing Security in the Work-From-Home Era

In this blog, we discuss how to optimize security during the work-from-home era.

3 min SOAR

Why SOAR Is an Essential Cybersecurity Tool for Financial Services Companies

With an efficient and productive cybersecurity process in mind, let’s take a look at how SOAR helped a financial organization protect its customers.

3 min Security Operations (SOC)

SOC Automation: Threat Detection and Response with SIEM and SOAR

We believe that the best solution to industry-wide struggles with threat detection and response is to increase efficiency using SIEM and SOAR together.

4 min InsightConnect

Why Our Future in InfoSec Depends on Automation

In this blog, we discuss why our future in Information Security depends on automation.

4 min InsightConnect

How InsightConnect Customer Hilltop Holdings Benefits from Strategic SOAR Workflows

We spoke with Michael Cochran, a security analyst for Hilltop Holdings, about his experience using InsightConnect and the time his organization has saved.

3 min Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

How MDR SOC Customer Tony Hamil Leverages the Automation of InsightConnect

Recently, Tony Hamil spoke with us about how InsightConnect, Rapid7’s SOAR solution, enhances and goes beyond the capabilities of the MDR SOC.

3 min SOAR

Rapid7 Named 2019 Global SOAR Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

We are thrilled to announce that Frost & Sullivan has named Rapid7 as the Global SOAR Company of the Year after analyzing InsightConnect.

3 min InsightConnect

InsightConnect Customer Hendrick Automotive Group Benefits from Integrations and Alert Triggers

We spoke with Hendrick Automotive Group’s director of information security about his experience with InsightConnect and its connection to InsightIDR.

3 min InsightConnect

Global Artifacts Now Available in InsightConnect

Rapid7 is excited to announce the release of Global Artifacts to enhance the capabilities provided by InsightConnect, Rapid7’s SOAR solution.

3 min InsightConnect

How SMBs Can Decrease Vulnerabilities and Incident Response Time with Automation

In this blog, we discuss how Security Automation can free up time and resources for people to do more valuable, creative work.

1 min InsightConnect

InsightConnect Announces New Plugin for Microsoft Teams

Rapid7 is excited to announce a new plugin between InsightConnect and Microsoft Teams that helps you collaborate, notify, and drive your workflows.

2 min InsightConnect

End-to-End Office 365 Administration with InsightConnect

Rapid7 is excited to announce new integrations between InsightConnect and Office 365.