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Achat Unicode SEH Buffer Overflow

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Achat Unicode SEH Buffer Overflow



This module exploits a Unicode SEH buffer overflow in Achat. By sending a crafted message to the default port 9256/UDP, it's possible to overwrite the SEH handler. Even when the exploit is reliable, it depends on timing since there are two threads overflowing the stack in the same time. This module has been tested on Achat v0.150 running on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7.


  • Peter Kasza <peter.kasza@itinsight.hu>
  • Balazs Bucsay <balazs.bucsay@rycon.hu>




Module Options

To display the available options, load the module within the Metasploit console and run the commands 'show options' or 'show advanced':

msf > use exploit/windows/misc/achat_bof
msf exploit(achat_bof) > show targets
msf exploit(achat_bof) > set TARGET < target-id >
msf exploit(achat_bof) > show options
    ...show and set options...
msf exploit(achat_bof) > exploit

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– Jim O’Gorman | President, Offensive Security