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Amazon Linux AMI 2: CVE-2024-36916: Security patch for kernel (Multiple Advisories)

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Amazon Linux AMI 2: CVE-2024-36916: Security patch for kernel (Multiple Advisories)



In the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved: blk-iocost: avoid out of bounds shift UBSAN catches undefined behavior in blk-iocost, where sometimes iocg->delay is shifted right by a number that is too large, resulting in undefined behavior on some architectures. [ 186.556576] ------------[ cut here ]------------ UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in block/blk-iocost.c:1366:23 shift exponent 64 is too large for 64-bit type 'u64' (aka 'unsigned long long') CPU: 16 PID: 0 Comm: swapper/16 Tainted: G S E N 6.9.0-0_fbk700_debug_rc2_kbuilder_0_gc85af715cac0 #1 Hardware name: Quanta Twin Lakes MP/Twin Lakes Passive MP, BIOS F09_3A23 12/08/2020 Call Trace: <IRQ> dump_stack_lvl+0x8f/0xe0 __ubsan_handle_shift_out_of_bounds+0x22c/0x280 iocg_kick_delay+0x30b/0x310 ioc_timer_fn+0x2fb/0x1f80 __run_timer_base+0x1b6/0x250 ... Avoid that undefined behavior by simply taking the "delay = 0" branch if the shift is too large. I am not sure what the symptoms of an undefined value delay will be, but I suspect it could be more than a little annoying to debug.


  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-bpftool
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-bpftool-debuginfo
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel-debuginfo
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel-debuginfo-common-aarch64
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel-debuginfo-common-x86_64
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel-devel
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel-headers
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel-livepatch-5-10-217-205-860
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel-livepatch-5-15-160-104-158
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel-tools
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel-tools-debuginfo
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-kernel-tools-devel
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-perf
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-perf-debuginfo
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-python-perf
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-python-perf-debuginfo

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