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Oracle Linux: (CVE-2023-25809) (Multiple Advisories): aardvark-dns security update

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Oracle Linux: (CVE-2023-25809) (Multiple Advisories): aardvark-dns security update



runc is a CLI tool for spawning and running containers according to the OCI specification. In affected versions it was found that rootless runc makes `/sys/fs/cgroup` writable in following conditons: 1. when runc is executed inside the user namespace, and the `config.json` does not specify the cgroup namespace to be unshared (e.g.., `(docker|podman|nerdctl) run --cgroupns=host`, with Rootless Docker/Podman/nerdctl) or 2. when runc is executed outside the user namespace, and `/sys` is mounted with `rbind, ro` (e.g., `runc spec --rootless`; this condition is very rare). A container may gain the write access to user-owned cgroup hierarchy `/sys/fs/cgroup/user.slice/...` on the host . Other users's cgroup hierarchies are not affected. Users are advised to upgrade to version 1.1.5. Users unable to upgrade may unshare the cgroup namespace (`(docker|podman|nerdctl) run --cgroupns=private)`. This is the default behavior of Docker/Podman/nerdctl on cgroup v2 hosts. or add `/sys/fs/cgroup` to `maskedPaths`.


  • oracle-linux-upgrade-aardvark-dns
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-buildah
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-buildah-tests
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-cockpit-podman
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-conmon
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-container-selinux
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-containernetworking-plugins
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-containers-common
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-crit
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-criu
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-criu-devel
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-criu-libs
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-crun
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-fuse-overlayfs
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-libslirp
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-libslirp-devel
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-netavark
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-oci-seccomp-bpf-hook
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-podman
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-podman-catatonit
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-podman-docker
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-podman-gvproxy
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-podman-plugins
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-podman-remote
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-podman-tests
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-python-podman
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-python3-criu
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-python3-podman
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-runc
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-skopeo
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-skopeo-tests
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-slirp4netns
  • oracle-linux-upgrade-udica

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