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The Rapid7 Vulnerability Database is a list of 70,000 vulnerabilities for security analyst and researchers to identify and address known security issues through vulnerability management solutions. Each vulnerability has links to relevant groups like Mitre and other CVE Numbering Authorities as well as additional technical documentation. These vulnerabilities are utilized by our vulnerability management tool Nexpose and provided here for additional visibility.

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Debian: CVE-2017-15275: samba -- security update Vulnerability

  • Severity: 4
  • Published: November 20, 2017

Samba before 4.7.3 might allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information by leveraging failure of the server to clear allocated heap memory.

SUSE: CVE-2017-16664: SUSE Linux Security Advisory Vulnerability

  • Severity: 7
  • Published: November 20, 2017

Code injection exists in Kernel/System/ in Open Ticket Request System (OTRS) 5 before 5.0.24, 4 before 4.0.26, and 3.3 before 3.3.20. In the agent interface, an authenticated remote attacker can execute shell commands as the webserver user via URL manipulation.

Ubuntu: USN-3480-2: Apport regressions Vulnerability

  • Severity: 4
  • Published: November 19, 2017

USN-3480-1 fixed vulnerabilities in Apport. The fix forCVE-2017-14177 introduced a regression in the ability to handle crashes for users that configured their systems to use the Upstart init system in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 17.04. The fix forCVE-2017-14180temporarily disabled crash forwarding to containers. This update addresses the...