Stay up to date on security safeguard and incident-reporting requirements in the EU and UK

Rapid7 Compliance Brief: NIS Directive

The Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive requires essential and digital service providers to align to security regulations set forth by EU and UK member states. The NIS Directive includes providers in critical sectors like healthcare, banking and financial, water supply, transportation, cloud services, and more.

Rapid7 solutions can help essential and digital service providers meet their security obligations under the NIS Directive and EU member state regulations. Among other things, this compliance brief details:

  • What the NIS Directive requires for cybersecurity regulation of essential and digital services

  • How to leverage Rapid7’s solutions and services to assess the risks and meet required technical and organizational safeguards

  • How Rapid7’s incident detection and response solutions and managed services identify anomalies and support incident notification, as well as monitor, audit, and test the security of networks and information systems

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