Software AG Government Solutions: Case Study

SoftwareAG Government Solutions (GS) is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG. Customers include some of the biggest agencies in the public sector.

The Challenge

SoftwareAG Government Solutions embraced Amazon Web Services (AWS) for better elasticity, cost savings, and access to compute resources. Historically, they leveraged a corporate, home-grown tool to provision and manage compute resources for customer demonstrations. The team required a new approach in order to firewall access to the U.S. environments.

Their goals for this project were the following:

  • Manage access and data security
  • Increase speed and flexibility of self-service provisioning without losing control
  • Leverage new cloud services

The Solution

InsightCloudSec protects cloud and container environments from misconfigurations, policy violations, threats, and IAM challenges. As Chris Borneman, Vice President, Software AG says, “InsightCloudSec provides next-generation automation, management, and insights into our cloud infrastructure.” The Software AG team turned to Rapid7 to gain visibility and real-time automated remediation across multiple AWS accounts, regions, and services.

The Software AG team leveraged InsightCloudSec to achieve continuous security and compliance, and improved governance of their AWS environments:

  • Detailed Permissions - Using InsightCloudSec, Software AG has implemented guardrails that ensure the proper access levels are maintained for EC2, S3, and networking services. This reduces risk and complexity for team members.
  • Auto-Scheduling - Using InsightCloudSec automation, Software AG is able to match infrastructure to the dynamic needs of sales teams for demo / custom solution environments.
  • Minimized Risk and Cost - InsightCloudSec turns off infrastructure when not in use to reduce security footprint and save money.

The Results

Since 2018, Software AG has achieved 50% faster self-service driven by our tool’s ability to quickly identify and remediate compliance issues made during deployment.

Rapid7 has helped Software AG secure their AWS services to transform digital innovation. Our differentiating capabilities around compliance packs, remediation, and scorecard visibility enabled them to maintain near real-time compliance and start their automation journey.