Unify your data and reliably detect attackers

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology is a lot like Tolkien’s One Ring: Sure, it can help you accomplish some epic stuff. But maintaining it? Pretty likely to drive you insane. Stay with us. SIEM solutions are valuable because they centralize, search, and visualize your security data to help you spot risks across your network. But they also, rather infamously, burp out false-positive alerts and require custom work to meet basic use-cases. So instead of arming teams with actionable insight, they trap them in a web of services-heavy deployment, rule tuning, and ballooning data indexing costs.


Well aware of both the promise and challenges with SIEM, Rapid7 worked hand-in-hand with security teams to take all the best parts—and more—and fold them into InsightIDR, your solution for incident detection and response. InsightIDR unifies SIEM, UBA, and EDR capabilities with your existing network and security stack to provide real-time visibility and incident detection across your network, endpoints, and cloud services. Forget writing and tuning rules, retracing user activity, and managing clusters—InsightIDR will show you the answers hidden in your user activity, logs, and endpoints. Learn why Gartner recommends SIEM solutions with User Behavior Analytics (UBA) capabilities

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Rapid7's InsightIDR combines the capabilities of SIEM, EDR, and UBA to provide the context you need to relentlessly hunt threats.

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Reliable incident detection

Piecing together and retracing user activity. Gathering endpoint data. Repetitive log searches. All to uncover yet another false positive. If you’re among the 62% of organizations who report getting more alerts than they can investigate, there’s a good chance you’re fed up with the goose chase (and have a pile of smashed peripherals to prove it). InsightIDR combines user behavior analytics, endpoint monitoring, and deception technology to detect attack vectors behind breaches, including the use of stolen credentials, malware, and phishing.

Each detection is constantly updated and a result of our continuous Metasploit research, pen testers, and incident response services. Which means you won’t receive an alert for every data anomaly. Instead, your daily handful of alerts comes with meaningful context and highlights network happenings you’ll want to know about. Each alert shows the users and assets affected, along with any notable behavior exhibited around the incident. It’s a combo that helps you reliably detect intruders earlier in the attack chain, before things get critical.


Toolkit: Make Your SIEM Project a Success with Rapid7

Read Gartner's report, “Overcoming Common Causes for SIEM Solution Deployment Failures.” Along with the report you’ll get our companion guide, Achieve SIEM Solution Success with Rapid7.

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Full data collection and search

Thanks to our cloud-based Insight Platform, InsightIDR can ingest log files from any source—whether from the event source itself or an existing log aggregator—and put it all at your fingertips with blazing fast search. Even better, InsightIDR applies user behavior analytics to automatically correlate the millions of daily events your company generates to the users and assets behind them, and enriches your security data with this user context—allowing you to get answers to questions like, “Which users have generated the most IDS/Firewall alerts over the last week?” During incident investigations, you can bring together log search, user activity, and endpoint data onto a single visual timeline to speed up investigations by over 20x.

Compliance from endpoint to cloud

From PCI DSS to HIPAA, whatever regulatory compliance you’re beholden to, you not only need to protect customer and sensitive data, but also proactively show your approach to key stakeholders and auditors. InsightIDR helps you meet critical requirements, especially those that mandate the tracking and monitoring of all access to network resources and critical systems.

Through a blend of Endpoint Scan and Insight Agent, InsightIDR provides real-time monitoring for critical and remote assets, as well as the users behind them. This thorough approach to data collection across your environment allows you to create custom compliance cards and dashboards to easily fulfill auditor requests.

InsightIDR unifies your investments and leaves attackers nowhere to hide

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