Metasploit Pen Testing Tool

Three ways to act like the attacker

Metasploit is the world’s leading pen testing tool. Why? Because whatever your role, and whatever you need from your pen testing tool, Metasploit delivers. Whether you’re a security researcher, student, IT generalist, or pro pen tester, there’s an edition of Metasploit to help you act like an attacker.


For penetration testers and IT security teams


For developers and security researchers

All Features Pro Framework
  • Collect
    De-facto standard for penetration testing with more than 1,500 exploits
    Import of network data scan
    Network discovery
    Basic exploitation
    MetaModules for discrete tasks such as network segmentation testing
    Integrations via Remote API
  • Automate
    Simple web interface
    Smart Exploitation
    Automated credentials brute forcing
    Baseline penetration testing reports
    Wizards for standard baseline audits
    Task chains for automated custom workflows
    Closed-Loop vulnerability validation to prioritize remediation
  • Infiltrate
    Basic command-line interface
    Manual exploitation
    Manual credentials brute forcing
    Dynamic payloads to evade leading anti-virus solutions
    Phishing awareness management and spear phishing
    Web app testing for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
    Choice of advance command-line (Pro Console) and web interface
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