Your organization needs web apps. Don’t let them be used against you.

Internal web applications boost productivity and external web applications are vital to your customer partnerships. Sounds great—what’s the problem? Attackers know how costly it is for your organization to take web apps offline, so this makes them perfect targets—as entry points, sources of valuable data, even web shells—hence why you cannot leave them unsecured.


Application security needs to be built into your SDLC

It’s ineffective for security teams to scan and monitor web applications in a silo while development focuses on enhancements, bug fixes, and deadlines. Web application security needs to be built into the whole process, facilitated by your security solutions. Web app scanning must happen automatically before the push to production, and every additional second it takes before you can see the activity can cost you millions.

Rapid7 solutions are designed for the pace and productivity of today’s development processes; InsightAppSec is designed to integrate directly into your existing development processes and tools. 

The Technology: Rapid7 solutions reduce web application vulnerabilities and detect their compromise

Rapid7’s web application security testing solution, InsightAppSec, integrates with your build automation tools and application monitoring stack to identify vulnerabilities before they go live.

Take your appsec program one step further with monitoring and protection capabilities; tCell by Rapid7 combines web application firewall (WAF) and runtime application self-protection (RASP) capabilities to filter out suspicious traffic and prevent your web apps from executing on malicious behaviors.

The People: Collaborate with experts to protect your web apps with Rapid7 Managed Services

Understaffed or under-equipped to deal with potential compromise? Rapid7 will monitor for both the vulnerability of your applications and their compromise. Our managed application security services teams leverage the latest technology, techniques, and machine learning advancements to customize remediation steps for your business.

The Process: Improve your web application security strategy with Rapid7 Consulting

Every organization can benefit from a second set of expert eyes on where its security strategy currently stands and what is most important in the coming years. Rapid7 Security Advisory Services will work with you to provide either an assessment of your current state, feedback on your long-term plan, or both. Web applications are too core to your business to exclude them from your security strategy.