Ridiculously easy log management is just the beginning


Collect data from any source, in any format. Search and analyze logs using simple keywords or analytic functions to find answers.


Track metrics like CPU, memory, and disk usage. Receive real-time alerts. Review live dashboards and scheduled reports.


Ask natural-language questions to monitor software usage, audit user logins, identify network misconfigurations, and more.

Log management easy enough for the whole team to use

InsightOps combines log management with live asset visibility for really, really easy IT monitoring and troubleshooting.

Event & Log Management

InsightOps collects and normalizes logs from servers, applications, Active Directory, databases, firewalls, DNS, VPNs, AWS, and other cloud services. Search using simple text, visual mode, or our QueryBuilder. Analyzing logs just got a lot easier.

Event & Log Management

  • Collect and centralize logs from servers, applications, AWS, IoT devices and more

  • Stream logs in real-time with Live Tail

  • Search logs without typing queries using Visual Search and apply automatic tags to matching log events for easy filtering

  • Analyze trends with analytic functions and Anomaly Detection

  • Build custom Live Dashboards or use out-of-the-box Liveboards and have your team alerted when critical events occur (or don’t occur)

Performance Monitoring

See CPU, memory, and disk usage for every asset in your environment. Receive immediate alerts when server, application, or service performance is impacted. Regularly review performance using live dashboards and scheduled reports. InsightOps is easy enough for every member of the IT team to use.

Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage for every asset in your network.

  • Review active network connections across your environment and receive immediate alerts when performance metrics exceed specific thresholds.

  • Visualize performance with out-of-the-box live dashboards and regularly review performance with scheduled reports.

  • Get integration performance alerts with chat and incident escalation tools using out-of-the-box integrations and a well-documented REST API.

IT Compliance

Secure log retention, audit logs, and scheduled reports make it easy to maintain compliance standards. InsightOps can help you maintain PCI, HIPAA, and corporate compliances.

IT Compliance

  • Secure log centralization from any source, in any format

  • Customizable log retention periods

  • Scheduled reporting

  • Real-time alerts

Live Asset Visibility

Traditional log management stops with logs. InsightOps lists every asset in your IT environment and provides natural-language questions for inspecting your assets. Which assets are running Microsoft Office? Which assets have a specific registry key? What services are running on a specific asset? Just click 'ask.'

Live Asset Visibility

  • View a list of every IT asset in your environment, along with its location, operating system, public and private IP addresses, MAC address, last logged-in user, and last boot time.

  • View system metrics like CPU, memory, and disk utilization for each asset.

  • Get details on active user sessions, remote sessions, DNS caches, network connections, and registry keys for each asset.

  • Ask where specific software and specific software versions are running (or aren’t running) across your environment.


DevOps Automation

The InsightOps REST API and out-of-the-box integrations allow you to seamlessly incorporate InsightOps into your DevOps stack for advanced IT automation.

DevOps Automation

  • Take advantage of out-of-the-box integrations with popular tools like PagerDuty, Slack, and more.
  • Leverage the REST API for automating tasks at scale.
  • Seamlessly build logging into your automated delivery pipeline.


InsightOps Product Brief

Rapid7 InsightOps combines endpoint visibility with log analytics for total infrastructure awareness.

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