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Cross endlessly searching logs, writing convoluted queries, and hiring certified data splunkers off your to-do list. InsightIDR correlates the millions of daily events in your environment directly to the users and assets behind them to highlight risk across your organization and prioritize where to search. And our cloud-based architecture behind the Rapid7 Insight platform delivers a smooth search across your logs and automates compliance without worrying about racks of hardware. Learn more about log storage and retention in InsightIDR.

Integrate your security stack

InsightIDR’s cloud-based architecture connects with your internal data sources, reducing the time and effort to set up and maintain the tasks of collecting, updating, and managing data sets.

View data in a single, correlated context

InsightIDR brings together asset, user, and behavioral data into a single view. This means analysts won't have to jump between tools, ultimately saving them time and helping them analyze incidents faster.

Prioritize event investigations

Because all of your traffic and data is normalized, InsightIDR will automatically prioritize network events and bring the notable ones to your attention—so you know when to pay attention, and when to investigate. InsightIDR keeps you from wasting time and enables you to focus on notable events.

Customize reporting to fit your needs

InsightIDR's dashboards allow you to create personalized visualizations of your network traffic, data streams, and alphanumeric data so you can get deeper insight into your environment and identify trends over time. Create PDF reports at any time to share across your organization.

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