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Embedded Threat Intelligence

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It’s unlike any other intelligence operation anywhere

InsightIDR leverages internal and external threat intelligence, encompassing your entire, post-perimeter attack surface. Our detection library includes threat intelligence from Rapid7’s open-source community, advanced attack surface mapping, and proprietary machine learning. Detections are curated and constantly fine-tuned by our expert Threat Intelligence and Detections Engineering team. SaaS delivery means you always have access to the latest stuff, instantaneously. And no arduous rule creation or tweaking is required: everything is vetted in the field by our global MDR teams who make sure we have an enviable user experience.

Embedded Threat Intel
Embedded Threat Intel

Gain control of your entire attack surface

InsightIDR leverages internal and external threat intelligence. You’ll see it all, from your nearest network endpoint to the deep web and dark web. It’s intuitive, finely-tuned, and built for the chaotic post-perimeter era.

Get the unique benefit of our open-source community

Rapid7 believes in the power of collaborative communities. We’re all connected to everyone and everything anyway. It’s how evil arose in our midst and how the good guys will prevail. The detections library is constantly curated by our Threat Intelligence and Detections Engineering professionals. Their work is informed by Rapid7’s signature open-source projects which improve security outcomes like no one else. Metasploit, is the most impactful penetration testing solution on the planet, driven by a community of well over 200,000 users and contributors. Project Sonar regularly scans the public internet to gain insights into global exposure to common vulnerabilities. And Project Lorelei has relationships with other internet-scale researchers and forums for collaboration and confirmation when new threats arise.

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