Cloud and Virtual Infrastructure Assessment

Assessment for the Modern Network

"The severity scoring of findings [in InsightVM Cloud Configuration Assessment] has helped out a lot to drive prioritization of what to fix."

— Jason Hughes, Senior Cloud Security Engineer at Origami Risk

Modern networks and infrastructures are constantly changing. InsightVM integrates with cloud services and virtual infrastructure to make sure your technology has been configured securely, and that you don't miss any new devices that are brought online. The gist of it all? You get full visibility into risk across your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.


Configuration assessment for your cloud infrastructure

Get a complete picture of the configurations in your cloud environment. Compare your setup to industry best practices, such as CIS Foundations Benchmarks, and identify any potential misconfigurations. Use interactive dashboards to report on and visualize findings from Cloud Configuration Assessment.

Dynamic discovery into cloud services and VMware

Directly integrate with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMware to automatically detect new devices as soon as they're spun up or taken down, giving you full visibility into your dynamic infrastructure.

Easy deployment in AWS and Azure

InsightVM consoles and scan engines can be easily deployed into the cloud.

Automated infrastructure assessment with the Insight Agent

Nowhere to hide here: The Insight Agent can be embedded into cloud and virtual images so that you dynamically discover and automatically assess new infrastructure as soon as it's live.

Instant remediation guidance

As soon as cloud-based risk is identified, you can immediately see proof of that risk, and take action with copy-and-paste remediation scripts.

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