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Understand Your Compliance Posture So You Can Take Action

Beyond your own internal security goals, we know many organizations are also accountable for compliance to various security policies and standards. InsightVM eases this process by offering pre-built scan templates for common compliance requirements. Once you've assessed your risk posture, you can take clear, actionable steps to compliance. To go a step further, Custom Policy Builder allows you to modify existing benchmarks or create new policies from scratch to meet the needs of your unique operating environment.

Pre-built scan templates

InsightVM offers out-of-the-box scan templates for common compliance requirements such as CIS, HIPAA, SCADA, and PCI. Additionally, Rapid7 partners with Coalfire, a third party ASV partner, that delivers official external PCI Reports to our customers who require to show they have been scanned by an ASV.

Custom Policy Builder

Based on the unique needs and configuration of your organization's IT environment, you can create, modify, and augment common benchmarks with Custom Policy Builder (without the tedious legwork).

Protective measures for sensitive data

For further data protection measures, such as those required by GDPR, InsightVM can automatically audit systems for compliance with secure configurations, password policies, and access control requirements.


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