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Prioritize Vulnerabilities Like an Attacker

CVSS-based risk scores result in thousands of "critical" vulnerabilities. No business, even one with an army of analysts, has the time for that. Our Real Risk Score provides a more actionable, 1-1000 scale based on the likeliness of an attacker exploiting the vulnerability in a real attack. Backed up by threat feeds and business context, InsightVM lets you prioritize vulnerabilities the way attackers would.


Granular detail of Real Risk

InsightVM's Risk Score takes in CVSS scores, malware exposure, exploit exposure and ease of use, and vulnerability age to give you a granular 1-1000 risk scale, making it simple to know which vulnerabilities need to be prioritized and where your riskiest assets lie.

Integrated threat feeds

Threat feeds can be extremely valuable, but are often expensive and cumbersome. InsightVM includes public threat feeds and proprietary threat intel from Rapid7's research and MDR services that automatically correlate threats back to the assets in your environment—all at no additional cost.

Addition of business context

Every network has assets more pivotal to the overall business than others. InsightVM's robust tagging system lets you assign criticality tags to important systems, such as those that host PII or sensitive corporate data, so you can prioritize those assets for remediation.

Visualization of risk with Live Dashboards

Granular risk scores simplify trending analysis; easily build dashboards to quantify how your risk has changed over time, and identify your most critical areas for improvement.

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