AppSpider Pro Certified Specialist

Course Description

Interested in automating your app security scanning and retrieving comprehensive reports for easy analysis? Say hello to AppSpider Pro with this two-day interactive course, packed with tips and tricks to help you successfully run app security tests using AppSpider Pro. Whether you’re just getting started with application security or are migrating from a different AppSec solution, our experts will help you master the essentials, including installation requirements and scan configuration, and introduce you to best practices and common troubleshooting techniques to put your team on the fast track to more secure applications.

For flexible and accessible learning, this course is offered both virtually and on-site at your facility. The virtual class is hosted remotely on a Rapid7 lab and features simulated exercises against multiple scenario-driven target environments. Customers who participate in on-site trainings will apply their learned skills in hands-on scenarios in their own environment.

All participants will have access to the AppSpider Pro Certified Specialist Exam as part of their training program; go from being the student to the master and leverage the knowledge gained from class to become certified. 

What You'll Learn

Introduction to AppSpider

  • Architecture
  • Prerequisites and install options
  • Enterprise environment compatibility
  • Installation process

AppSec with AppSpider

  • AppSec basics
  • Using AppSpider for AppSec
  • Web scanning basics

Operation of AppSpider

  • Scan configuration
  • Authenticated scanning
  • Reporting
  • Vulnerability validation
  • Scanning APIs
  • Leveraging additional tools


  • User access
  • Environment configuration
  • Troubleshooting

Day 1

On Day 1, you will be given a refresher on application security from both a product-agnostic and AppSpider Pro-focused perspective. We’ll also run practical labs focused on installation basics, as well as running authenticated and unauthenticated scans.

  • AppSpider Pro Architecture and Installation
  • AppSec 101
  • AppSec with AppSpider Pro
  • Unauthenticated Crawl Scan
  • Web App 101
  • Scan Configuration Basics
  • Unauthenticated Attack Scan
  • Authenticated Scanning
  • Form Authentication Crawl Scan
  • Macro Recording
  • Full Attack Scan with Authentication

Day 2

Day 2 will focus on ensuring how to leverage the data that is gathered and how to validate its authenticity, along with exploring advanced scanning techniques. Labs will involve running API scans, vulnerability validation, and an administrative overview of AppSpider Pro.

  • Reporting Best Practices
  • Vulnerability Validation Methodologies
  • Vulnerability Validation
  • Administrative Overview
  • Troubleshooting Best Practices
  • Scanning an API
  • Manual API Assessment
  • Running an API Scan
  • Leveraging the Swagger Utility
  • Running an Advanced API Scan
  • Utilizing Additional Tools


Ideally, attendees should have the following:

  • Experience with Windows® Operating System
  • Basic knowledge of network protocols
  • Basic knowledge of vulnerability management systems


Open-enrollment class - $2,000 per student

On-site class - $7,000 per course plus travel & expenses, up to 5 attendees

Applicable CPEs: 16

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