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Boost your ability to swiftly thwart attackers.

Grab a Magic 8 Ball, give it a good shake, and inquire: “Will my network get hacked?” There’s a good chance it will respond, “You may rely on it.” (Or “Concentrate and ask again” depending on how seriously you’re taking this very legitimate exercise.) The point is, eventually, your network will be infiltrated. And if you don’t have the people, process, and technology in place to detect and respond to that incident? Outlook not so good.

That’s why it’s crucial to build up your incident detection and response capability before you’re compromised. Whether you’re seeking technology solutions to enable you to find and stop attackers, need expert help to manage your program or investigate a breach, or are ready to establish better processes for incident response, Rapid7 has you covered. 

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Powered by the attacker mindset

All of our incident detection and response solutions are united by a common thread: An unmatched understanding of the attacker mindset. At Rapid7, we spend our time hunting attackers. We've learned how they behave and how to detect them before they can inflict damage. We've found ways to increase accuracy, speed the process, and achieve greater confidence, even as attacker methods change. That real-world expertise directly informs the software and services we deliver to equip security professionals – from resource-strapped small teams to fully staffed 24/7 operations – with the capacity to swiftly thwart attackers.

Technology: Equip your security team

Rapid7’s flagship incident detection and response tool, InsightIDR, improves visibility across your entire ecosystem to find intruders earlier in the attack chain. In other words, you’ll be alerted to suspicious activity as soon as it happens, so you can investigate and respond before critical data is compromised.

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People: Extend your security team​

Managed Detection and Response
With Rapid7 Managed Detection and Response services, our team of expert threat hunters and incident responders act as an extension of your security team. Equipped with InsightIDR, our team monitors and hunts attackers in your environment with unparalleled results. And if attackers are found, a report is delivered and our team will work closely with you to remediate.

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