Rapid7 Trust


You have access to your data when you need it. Redundancy is built into Rapid7’s secure systems so you always have access to the services you need.

Platform Processes

The Insight platform is composed of a collection of disparate server types that each host a set of services that enable Rapid7 products. Each platform service is designed to scale horizontally. Every layer of the data collection and processing pipeline is designed to be fault tolerant and to continue to operate in the event of reliability issues with our cloud environment. If one component of the Insight platform is unavailable, other components will store data until that component is available again. All persistent data is stored redundantly so that the loss of a single server or an entire availability zone should not result in data loss. All infrastructure is monitored for performance, availability, and reliability. Operations staff are available 24/7 to respond to incidents.

Cloud Storage

In addition to a redundant and fault tolerant architecture, customer data residing on the Insight platform is backed up in a variety of ways. Rapid7 relies on our cloud service providers to store data backups. Backups are not replicated outside of the region customers selected when creating their Insight platform account, but data is replicated across multiple data centers within this region. Artifacts from critical stages of the data processing pipeline are backed up as data is processed. Log data backups occur in real time as they are ingested. Automatic database backups occur daily.  


Rapid7 maintains a Business Continuity Plan for the Insight platform. The primary goal of this plan is to ensure organizational stability, as well as coordinate recovery of critical business functions in managing and supporting business recovery in the event of disruption or disaster. Thus, the plan accomplishes the following:

  • Ensures critical functions can continue during and after a disaster with minimal interruption;
  • Identifies and decreases potential threats and exposures; and
  • Promotes awareness of critical interdependencies.

Rapid7 provides real-time updates on the status of the Insight platform and its services.