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BMC TrackIt! Unauthenticated Arbitrary User Password Change Exploit

Disclosed: December 09, 2014

This module exploits a flaw in the password reset mechanism in BMC TrackIt! 11.3 and possibly prior versions. If the password reset service is configured to use a domain administrator (which is the recommended configuration), then domain credentials can be reset (such as domain Administrator).

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer Arbitrary File Download Exploit

Disclosed: November 30, 2014

This module exploits an arbitrary file download vulnerability in CSVServlet on ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. This module has been tested on both Windows and Linux with versions 8.6 to 10.2. Windows paths have to be escaped with 2 backslashes on the command line.

Tuleap PHP Unserialize Code Execution Exploit

Disclosed: November 27, 2014

This module exploits a PHP object injection vulnerability in Tuelap <= 7.6-4 which could be abused to allow authenticated users to execute arbitrary code with the permissions of the web server. The dangerous unserialize() call exists in the 'src/www/project/register.php' file. The exploit abuses the destructor method from...

Hikvision DVR RTSP Request Remote Code Execution Exploit

Disclosed: November 19, 2014

This module exploits a buffer overflow in the RTSP request parsing code of Hikvision DVR appliances. The Hikvision DVR devices record video feeds of surveillance cameras and offer remote administration and playback of recorded footage. The vulnerability is present in several models / firmware versions but...

Cisco DLSw Information Disclosure Scanner Exploit

Disclosed: November 17, 2014

This module implements the DLSw information disclosure retrieval. There is a bug in Cisco's DLSw implementation affecting 12.x and 15.x trains that allows an unuthenticated remote attacker to retrieve the partial contents of packets traversing a Cisco router with DLSw configured and active.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Windows OLE Automation Array Remote Code Execution Exploit

Disclosed: November 13, 2014

This module exploits the Windows OLE Automation array vulnerability, CVE-2014-6332. The vulnerability affects Internet Explorer 3.0 until version 11 within Windows95 up to Windows 10. For this module to be successful, powershell is required on the target machine. On Internet Explorer versions using Protected Mode, the use...

MS14-064 Microsoft Windows OLE Package Manager Code Execution Through Python Exploit

Disclosed: November 12, 2014

This module exploits a vulnerability found in Windows Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) allowing arbitrary code execution, bypassing the patch MS14-060, for the vulnerability publicly known as "Sandworm", on systems with Python for Windows installed. Windows Vista SP2 all the way to Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 and 201...

Samsung Galaxy KNOX Android Browser RCE Exploit

Disclosed: November 12, 2014

A vulnerability exists in the KNOX security component of the Samsung Galaxy firmware that allows a remote webpage to install an APK with arbitrary permissions by abusing the 'smdm://' protocol handler registered by the KNOX component. The vulnerability has been confirmed in the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, ...

MantisBT XmlImportExport Plugin PHP Code Injection Vulnerability Exploit

Disclosed: November 08, 2014

This module exploits a post-auth vulnerability found in MantisBT versions 1.2.0a3 up to 1.2.17 when the Import/Export plugin is installed. The vulnerable code exists on plugins/XmlImportExport/ImportXml.php, which receives user input through the "description" field and the "issuelink" attribute of an uploaded XML file and passes to preg_...