Rapid7 Insight: A Security Analytics Platform

Transform your data into action.

Security analytics platforms should lift you up, not bog you down

Traditionally, a platform is the centralized place on which your organization relies for a variety of needs, perhaps for analytics and dashboards, or for administration and reporting. No matter what the use case, the point of any platform should be to help you get the job done. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the platform became the job, and now you’re spending more time maintaining applications than acting on the insight they uncover. To be worth your while, a platform—and the applications running atop it—have to just work, and work together to provide insightful security analytics to help drive your security program forward.


This has been particularly true in the security and IT world where we have the added challenge of our networks, like the universe itself, ever expanding. Just a glimpse of the growth in endpoints, devices, and the Internet of Things makes even the most professional of us dizzy. Each year, we see the amount of data grow exponentially, the threat of attacks become more brutal, and the challenges of minimizing risk and optimizing operations get even more challenging. This is truly a never-ending battle, yet we continue to fight to gain the knowledge and visibility to see it all. Why? For answers, understanding, and to reduce complexity.

The Anti-Complexity Security Analytics Platform

Customers rely on Rapid7 Insight to get the answers they need to find, manage, and reduce risk, without having to maintain hardware, build analytics, deploy software, manage honeypots, conduct and input Internet-wide scan data, integrate threat intelligence feeds, build a global team of security researchers, incident responders, and pen testers … you get the idea.

Reduce Complexity. Reduce TCO. Increase Confidence.

Rapid7 Insight combines all of those things for you, and it’s all on a secure cloud platform that provides real-time security analytics. Insight’s cloud delivery helps reduce your organization's infrastructure costs, while Rapid7 partner integrations act as a force multiplier to already deployed security solutions. This combination enables faster analysis, prioritization, and remediation, while consolidating your data across larger environments, with the flexibility to segment based on specific needs.

Beyond a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), the benefits of moving to a platform-based security and IT risk model are numerous:

  • Remove complexity and friction between security tools in order to identify and manage risk.
  • Identify threats, eliminate vulnerabilities, and optimize operations with automated computing power that continuously analyzes and correlates data, transforming it into answers.
  • Integrate workflows, management, real-time analysis, and reporting across your network and through to your endpoints, with core shared services across multiple security and IT solutions.
  • Baseline vulnerabilities, user behavior, and processes with lightweight universal agents, which allow you to detect risk when it happens, while allowing the user to perform live assessment when it’s needed.

Live Answers to Questions from Across the IT Spectrum

The Rapid7 Insight platform brings analytics to an array of IT challenges—without bringing along the burden of managing hardware, deciphering new databases, or hiring your own data science team. Each solution running on the Insight platform is developed by a team dedicated to solving the problems of a specific role within your organization:

  • Vulnerability Management: InsightVM provides live monitoring and endpoint analytics, giving you confidence in your remediation priorities.
  • Incident Detection and Response: InsightIDR unifies UBA, SIEM, and EDR technology so you can prioritize your response efforts.
  • Application Security: InsightAppSec stays in step with your application development to easily introduce security throughout your SDLC.
  • IT and DevOps Optimization: InsightOps is your operational control center for live answers to everyday IT questions.
  • Phishing Identification, Analysis, and Simulation: InsightPhish hardens employee resilience to phishing by simulating phishing attacks and enabling one click user reporting of suspicious emails.

Trust In. Trust By. Rapid7.

Rapid7 has been in the security game for nearly two decades, and we understand that moving to the cloud is not taken lightly, by anyone. Our team of developers, engineers, and internal security practitioners have worked for years on the Insight platform to not only reduce your risk and complexity, but also your blood pressure. In that time, our security analytics platform has processed 1.2 Petabytes of data, more than 12,000,000 daily monitored assets, across nearly 5,000 users.

We know we need to earn your trust, and to that end, we have created our Trust page, where you can find the very latest on our Insight platform security, including detailed white papers and resources to help you make the right decision.

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