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Catch Me If You Can: Methods for Detection and Investigation of User Based Attacks

It is no secret that compromised users are involved in the majority (76%) of all attacks. And now with the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability, chances are higher than ever that user accounts will be exploited by attackers trying to enter an organization-s network. Just because users are an unpredictable variable in your network doesn-t mean that security and incident detection and investigation are impossible.

Whiteboard Wednesday

Cloud Security Monitoring: Why Monitoring Cloud Services Alone Isn’t Enough

In today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Lital Asher-Dotan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, will talk about cloud security monitoring and why monitoring cloud services alone isn’t enough.


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Security Guide: How to Evade Anti-Virus Detection

Penetration testing can give you a clear view of the vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited within your environment; however, organizations need to be able to understand and test their users' behavior without anti-virus programs stopping these tests in their tracks. A great way to explore that user behavior is by deploying social engineering programs during a pen test. In this guide, penetration testers will learn how to evade anti-virus detection on target machines.

The Nexpose Expert System: Using an Expert System for Deeper Vulnerability Scanning

This paper explains how Rapid7 Nexpose uses an expert system to achieve better results in vulnerability scanning compared to traditional procedural methods. After a brief discussion of the product objectives and implementation, this paper explores the use of expert systems to achieve accurate and detailed vulnerability results.