Rapid7 Public Policy

Our modern lives increasingly rely on interconnected and complex technologies: in our homes, our critical infrastructure, our healthcare, everywhere. Enabling society to safely reap the benefits of this technology requires strong cybersecurity policies, practices, and awareness. To advance this cause, Rapid7 works with governments, companies, non-profits, and experts to shape policies, standards, and legislation that benefit consumers and defend responsible cybersecurity practitioners.

Rapid7’s public policy mission is part of our strong commitment to supporting the infosec community and advancing smart cybersecurity. Here are some examples of our cybersecurity policy work:

Our community philosophy

We believe security is the responsibility of all technology users, manufacturers, and intermediaries and that collaboration is the only way to achieve long-term change. That’s why we’re committed to openly sharing security information, helping our peers to learn, grow, and develop new capabilities, and supporting each other in raising and addressing issues that affect the cybersecurity community.