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Cogent DataHub Command Injection Exploit

Disclosed: April 29, 2014

This module exploits an injection vulnerability in Cogent DataHub prior to 7.3.5. The vulnerability exists in the GetPermissions.asp page, which makes insecure use of the datahub_command function with user controlled data, allowing execution of arbitrary datahub commands and scripts. This module has been tested su...

Adobe Flash Player Shader Buffer Overflow Exploit

Disclosed: April 28, 2014

This module exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player. The vulnerability occurs in the flash.Display.Shader class, when setting specially crafted data as its bytecode, as exploited in the wild in April 2014. This module has been tested successfully on IE 6 to IE 11 with Flash 11, Flash 12 and Flash 13...

Wireshark CAPWAP Dissector DoS Exploit

Disclosed: April 28, 2014

This module injects a malformed UDP packet to crash Wireshark and TShark 1.8.0 to 1.8.7, as well as 1.6.0 to 1.6.15. The vulnerability exists in the CAPWAP dissector which fails to handle a packet correctly when an incorrect length is given.

AlienVault OSSIM SQL Injection and Remote Code Execution Exploit

Disclosed: April 24, 2014

This module exploits an unauthenticated SQL injection vulnerability affecting AlienVault OSSIM versions 4.3.1 and lower. The SQL injection issue can be abused in order to retrieve an active admin session ID. If an administrator level user is identified, remote code execution can be gained by creating a high priority poli...

Oracle Event Processing FileUploadServlet Arbitrary File Upload Exploit

Disclosed: April 21, 2014

This module exploits an arbitrary file upload vulnerability in Oracle Event Processing The FileUploadServlet component, which requires no authentication, can be abused to upload a malicious file onto an arbitrary location due to a directory traversal flaw, and compromise the server. By default Oracle Event Pro...

Adobe Reader for Android addJavascriptInterface Exploit Exploit

Disclosed: April 13, 2014

Adobe Reader versions less than 11.2.0 exposes insecure native interfaces to untrusted javascript in a PDF. This module embeds the browser exploit from android/webview_addjavascriptinterface into a PDF to get a command shell on vulnerable versions of Reader.

Mac OS X NFS Mount Privilege Escalation Exploit Exploit

Disclosed: April 11, 2014

This exploit leverages a stack overflow vulnerability to escalate privileges. The vulnerable function nfs_convert_old_nfs_args does not verify the size of a user-provided argument before copying it to the stack. As a result, by passing a large size as an argument, a local user can overwrite the stack with arbitrary ...

Advantech WebAccess SQL Injection Exploit

Disclosed: April 08, 2014

This module exploits a SQL injection vulnerability found in Advantech WebAccess 7.1. The vulnerability exists in the DBVisitor.dll component, and can be abused through malicious requests to the ChartThemeConfig web service. This module can be used to extract the site and project usernames and hashes.