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ProjectSend Arbitrary File Upload Exploit

Disclosed: December 02, 2014

This module exploits a file upload vulnerability in ProjectSend revisions 100 to 561. The 'process-upload.php' file allows unauthenticated users to upload PHP files resulting in remote code execution as the web server user.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer Arbitrary File Download Exploit

Disclosed: November 30, 2014

This module exploits an arbitrary file download vulnerability in CSVServlet on ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. This module has been tested on both Windows and Linux with versions 8.6 to 10.2. Note that when typing Windows paths, you must escape the backslash with a backslash.

Tuleap PHP Unserialize Code Execution Exploit

Disclosed: November 27, 2014

This module exploits a PHP object injection vulnerability in Tuelap <= 7.6-4 which could be abused to allow authenticated users to execute arbitrary code with the permissions of the web server. The dangerous unserialize() call exists in the 'src/www/project/register.php' file. The exploit abuses the destructor method from...

Adobe Flash Player PCRE Regex Vulnerability Exploit

Disclosed: November 25, 2014

This module exploits a vulnerability found in Adobe Flash Player. A compilation logic error in the PCRE engine, specifically in the handling of the \c escape sequence when followed by a multi-byte UTF8 character, allows arbitrary execution of PCRE bytecode.

Arris VAP2500 tools_command.php Command Execution Exploit

Disclosed: November 25, 2014

Arris VAP2500 access points are vulnerable to OS command injection in the web management portal via the tools_command.php page. Though authentication is required to access this page, it is trivially bypassed by setting the value of a cookie to an md5 hash of a valid username.

GitLab User Enumeration Exploit

Disclosed: November 21, 2014

The GitLab 'internal' API is exposed unauthenticated on GitLab. This allows the username for each SSH Key ID number to be retrieved. Users who do not have an SSH Key cannot be enumerated in this fashion. LDAP users, e.g. Active Directory users will also be returned. This issue was fixed in GitLab v7.5.0 and is pre...

WordPress Long Password DoS Exploit

Disclosed: November 20, 2014

WordPress before 3.7.5, 3.8.x before 3.8.5, 3.9.x before 3.9.3, and 4.x before 4.0.1 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (CPU consumption) via a long password that is improperly handled during hashing.

Hikvision DVR RTSP Request Remote Code Execution Exploit

Disclosed: November 19, 2014

This module exploits a buffer overflow in the RTSP request parsing code of Hikvision DVR appliances. The Hikvision DVR devices record video feeds of surveillance cameras and offer remote administration and playback of recorded footage. The vulnerability is present in several models / firmware versions but...

MS14-068 Microsfot Kerberos Checksum Validation Vulnerability Exploit

Disclosed: November 18, 2014

This module exploits a vulnerability in the Microsoft Kerberos implementation. The problem exists in the verification of the Privilege Attribute Certificate (PAC) from a Kerberos TGS request, where a domain user may forge a PAC with arbitrary privileges, including Domain Administrator. This module requests a TGT ticket wi...

Cisco DLSw Information Disclosure Scanner Exploit

Disclosed: November 17, 2014

This module implements the DLSw information disclosure retrieval. There is a bug in Cisco's DLSw implementation affecting 12.x and 15.x trains that allows an unuthenticated remote attacker to retrieve the partial contents of packets traversing a Cisco router with DLSw configured and active.