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Sun Patch: Message Queue 4.1 Update 4 Patch 6 SunOS 5.9 5.10 Core product

Severity CVSS Published Added Modified
4 (AV:L/AC:M/Au:N/C:P/I:P/A:P) September 16, 2010 September 16, 2010 October 24, 2013


From Sun Patch 127411-16

Sun has released a security patch addressing the following issues:

13083327 imqcmd dump trans -debug got concurrentmodificationexception
13068829 deadlock within messagedaoimpl.delete() when removing messages from jdbcstore
13083280 debug dump destination - check getack exception (message not routed)
13083299 mq transaction reaper slow bottleneck seen when a lot of xa transaction stress
13083288 debug dump pkt - check exception from packetreference.getack()
12100314 Client should expire messages before delivery
12251081 Broker should not expire messages that are in process deliverying or have been delivered to client
6945411 Durable subscription's consumer connection ID attribute is not updated with the new value 
6984089 stop broker NT service generate errors "SetServiceStatus: 6 The handle is invalid" in event viewer 
6992553 check for MySQL NDB temporary error for message pattern "Got temporary error ..  from NDBCLUSTER" 
6992614 If a msg is reaped, RuntimeExcept "Can not order unordered items" can occur on rm remote consumer 
6992860 active consumer for a wildcard durable subscription added twice to remote broker 
6991842 if imqConsumerFlowLimit <-1, msgs to local consumer from remote broker should still be flowcontroled 
6994074 JMSBridge: on stop jmsbridge service manager, should check if another thread is already stopping it 
6994062 On halt broker, should avoid any cleanup 
6989167 After reconnect to broker ,the QueueBrowser became a real  message consumer 
6984468 imqcmd query cxn -debug throws ClassNotFoundException 
7000895 HA: add index to (BROKER_ID, IS_CURRENT) to MQSES41 table 
6992041 Warning message in GF log suggesting auto-reconnect feature is disabled with a HA broker cluster. 
7002076 WakeupableTimer thread does not catch exception in its while loop to prevent unexpected thread exit 
7002816 newTxnLog: purged transacted sent message reappear in memory after broker restart 
7003769 imqusermgr should allow broker properties specified on command line 
7010372 newTxnLog enabled broker generates a really large MQ 'txnlog' file for long running transacted client
7011163 consumer flowcontrol become unlimited under stress when running as MDB in GlassFish using JMSRA 
7014780 DB connection pool poll(60sec) waiting blocks broker shutdown 
7014791 when db down, a thread can potentially in poll wait for >=60sec even when no active connections 
6972137 Message delivery stops when multiple consumers fetch messages from a queue (with selector) 
7017529 MQ (Embedded) Direct connection leaks when connection is closed on embedded MQ broker
7018423 newTxnLog ConcurrentModificationException in writePreparedTransactionsToPreparedTxnStoreOnCheckpoint
7018876 ConcurrentModificationException in newTxnLog removeCompleteTransactionsAfterCheckpoint
6727929 RFE: imqConsumerFlowLimit=1 should be improved to include no prefetch option for Consumer.receive()
6961586 msgs left in queue not delivered to any consumer after MT consumers consume 1 msg then close repeatl
6713803 MQ JMS Runtime goes into a spin if imqReconnectEnabled=true and imqReconnectAttempts=0 
6788876 Broker throws java.util.ConcurrentModificationException under heavy load
6971153 STOMP client CONNECT fail after broker paused then resumed 
6971961 MQ broker leaks consumer objects when failed consumer exceeds maxNumActiveConsumers count 
6973877 JMSBridge on Derby: SQLException on readBytes when restart jmsbridge after XA message transfer
6916289 JMSBridge RFE: allow specify not logging at INFO level each successful message transfer
6914395 Broker stops responding if the message in the Topic of durable subscriber is modified by admin event 
6920810 NPE when JMS provider createConnection throws JMSException without linked exception 
6903536 broker shutdown should call TransactionList.destroy to stop the transaction reaper thread 
6926515 define primary key for tables MQVER41 and MQCREC41 
6726682 'imqcmd list dst' show incorrect consumer cnt after failover cause unacked msgs in cluster/w master 
6924790 remote broker logs NPE on closing remote consumer that has pending messages 
6919016 no property name shown in MessageFormatException: [C4040]: Invalid ObjectProperty type 
6896030 Multiple message expiry checking tasks may be incorrectly scheduled on a Destination timer. 
6918792 Incorrect synchronization in IMQDirectService 
6931209 Confusing INFO messages logged during JMS application initialisation 
6932420 On store message, JDBC conn.rollback() is not called to rollback the db txn when exception
6927073 a failed broker should only need to wait its previous store takeover complete, not takeover processi
6928200 add broker startup option to exit after reset take over lock held by this broker 
6926184 HA: avoid retrieve all broker info from database for every JMS connection creation 
6928152 allow timeout of a failed broker waiting for taking over completion on restart 
6930342 if restart broker/w different port 'INSERT INTO MQSES41.. Duplicate entry '3645..' for key 'PRIMARY'
6890337 enhance broker to better handle MySQL temporary errors 
6926974 HA: JDBC store allows StoreSessionUID 0 to be inserted to MQSES41 table 
6831996 MQ Connection pool connection validation is inadequate 
6936189 HA: avoid MQ tables created using storage engine other than what specified by table option for MySQL
6911859 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown from getTableNamesFromDB if tablename
6935462 HA: on update consumer state broker should halt when detects a split-brain 
6831953 MQ JDBC connection pool fails to recover from DB outage if driver is type ConnectionPoolDataSource 
6935499 Transaction id not found warning messages from transaction reaper thread after MySQL failover 
6903766 DBConnectionPool getConnection loop should check broker shutdown and terminate poll wait loop 
6938304 add BROKER_ID index to MQSES41, MESSAGE_ID index to MQCONSTATE41 for all supported databases
6932433 Broker cannot start throws StackOverFlowException in Classloading when using JDK 6u18
6937110 MQAddress utility class url parsing does not work if IPv6 address 
6938807 use ResultSet cursor to get msg for processing instead of 1 msg a time query database on load dst
6938739 avoid to get transaction type from persist store for each transaction during loading transactions
6937438 STOMP RFE: support bind to specific network interface
6938626 BridgeService: RFE automatically disable console output if broker started with -silent option 
6943001 provide ability to timeout idle connections in JDBC connection pool 
6949316 tonga/jmsserver/ha/takeover/test2 test fails with MQ4.4u2 b3d 
6892968 BA1084, BA1085 and BA1086 in needs localization
6943892 imqbrokerd uses private SUN JDK flag unsupported by BEA JRockit VM 
6944162 Remove need to send a clear text password file to a managed MQ broker 
6947108 Spurious message when RA EndpointConsumer created 
6943887 MQ 4.4u2 with Oracle JRockit VM: brokers enters "low memory" state when running basic api test 
6950612 openmq installer still has Sun branding depending on platforms
6950613 openmq imqadmin has Sun copyright
6951779 Executable l10n jar file shows company name as "Sun Microsystems, Inc."
6939084 Purging the DMQ does not clear the pending msgs count.
6952007 jdbc_* tests failed on ipv6 machine with java.lang.NumberFormatException 
6952013 IPAddress.readFromString() does not parse IPv6 address in SysMessageID string correctly 
6906978 JMX agent cache authenticator obj cause intermittent FailedLoginEx under high concurrent JMX conns 
6908153 JMS client creation of temp destination hangs if (private) imq.cluster.nowaitForMasterBroker=true 
6906093 when broker mark dead remote msg, remote broker is not notified if dest useDMQ=false 
6910006 "Waiting for MESSAGE_ACK_REPLY from.." when clustered brokers consume remote msgs with REMOVE_OLDEST
6903267 total msg cnt close to limit when dest msg = 0 if multiple publishers/w a subscribe 
6900776 Broker creates a thread and socket for unused cluster discovery service. 
6910441 GFV3/MQ4.4u1 Direct Mode broker with STOMP:  "asadmin start domain --verbose" command hangs
6875975 Messages are not proecessed with MQ conventional cluster req/reply when deactivating projects. 
6616704 Broker memory growth when many consumers created within a Session 
6716678 Status is no localized when Listing Services/Destinations on the local Broker 
6764364 On windows, sometimes openmq zip installer registers uninstalled MQ installation. 
6809353 openmq 4.3 HA with posgtresql (8.1) doesn't work (imqbrokerd can't start ) 
6822320 tonga/jmsserver/removeopt/test2 fails on solaris in milestone run 
6833649 direct_basic api test failed on AIX with NullPointerException 
6835420 Default value of NoGCDefault calculated incorrectly. May cause excessive GC when memory is low. 
6863401 need copy jar files from glassfish/../mq/lib to use STOMP/JMS Bridge in embeded broker in glassfish 
6865444 enabling the new transaction logging feature prints exception/errors in the broker log 
6872627 dura3 fails with "Message out of order" error when run with new Transaction Logging enabled. 
6874125 WARNING: MQJMSRA_DC2001: connectionId=555670328604044289:_destroy():called on a connection... 
6875642 New direct mode hangs when creating a durable subscriber 
6877556 Unlocalized response from broker to invalid stomp command. 
6877898 i18n - Bridge status  "STARTED" uni18ned when listing bridges via imqbridgemgr 
6878915 JMSBridge: on bridge startup, allow auto-reconnect to JMS provider asynchronously 
6878945 JMSBridge: allow different user/pwd other than default to create connection from connection-factory 
6879664 Direct mode consumer receives messages from stopped connection 
6879989 mq bridge correlation log message 
6881197 Reduce INFO logging when RA started  if possible and remove rogue print statements 
6881493 Admin temporary destinations should not be stored for HA broker 
6881515 'imqcmd query bkr' appears 'hang' when unexpected broker error occurred during broker processing it
6881516 should not log as "Internal Error" in "BrokerDownException: [B4244]: Unable to acknowledge message" 
6881689 Break out javadoc and examples into separate IPS package that no other pkg depends on 
6881753 RFE JMSBridge: allow tag each message with the jmsbridge name before transfer to target 
6881804 JMSBridge: workaround JMSGrid Message.setJMSDestination() can't take foreign JMS destination object 
6881822 JMSBridge:workaround foreign provider who can't handle JMS MessageID change between receive & commit 
6882044 Allow work to be done on a XAResource after a joined XAResource has been "ended" 
6882162 APIDirect: sending message to a deleted temporary destination doesn't throw a JMSException
6882404 correction needed on MQ jms Examples README 
6884673 MQ 4.4 Broker could not establish cluster connection with MQ 3.7/3.6 Broker 
6886005 confusing error msg "[C4103]..Application must call session.rollback() ..." to application server 
6886390 Persist/Txn published msgs went to DMQ can cause mq.sys.dmq not found err when consume them from DMQ 
6886515 AccessControlException when using JMX to delete a destination in an embedded broker 
6887383 RFE: allow enabling inter-broker PING packet logging at runtime 
6888052 ha/remote/2dura/fi/2dura2 sometimes fail on fault msg.remote_ack.p.txncommit.1 in tonga run 
6890628 setting the broker property "imq.autocreate.destination.isLocalOnly=true" has no effect 
6891615 Selector does not always work when running broker 4.3 in glassfish 
6891624 Msgs 'Remote' can become higher than 'Count' in 'imqcmd list dst' 
6891629 need user-friendly message when arithmetic exeception occurs in selector 
6891717 ifimq.transaction.autorollback=true,autorollback PREPARED ack not clear cause TransactionAckExistEx 
6891802 "[B4061]:Can not use Transaction ID..currently in use"on broker restart after takeover remote tx ack 
6892046 misleading imqbridgemgr 'Successfully started the bridge(s)' when actually started async 
6892049 remote ack reply (sync) pkt canbe processed more efficiently by notuse the cluster dispatcher thread 
6892512 Memory Leak: Temporary Destinations are not removed from connection when tempDest.delete() is called 
6893083 TransactionAckExistEx logged if broker restart with PREPARED txn and later takeover same remote txn 
6893843 temporaryQueueNotConsumableTest cts test failed with new direct mode. 
6893888 max length of brokerid or clusterid allowed should be adjusted for 4.4 new table MQTMLRJMSBG41 
6894747 Windows IPS packages have same files in multiple packages 
6895040 if masterbroker has temp dest,slave broker fail get uidprefix on start after uidprefix lock timeouts 
6895753 imqcmd .getattr bkr -attr imq.autocreate.destination.useDMQ returns blank 
6895921 Thread-unsafe transaction list updated concurrently by direct mode client 
6896230 new consumer created on masterb while masterb restart after sync/w slaves maynot propagate to all 
6896764 equals method on TransactionAcknowledgement is incorrect. 
6897721 When using receive() with new direct mode, rollback causes bad message order of redelivered messages 
6898312 on broker restart, HA monitor initial heartbeat delays by imq.cluster.monitor.interval 
6898355 takeover lock get reset on broker restart without waiting for takeover completion 
6899118 MQ Broker Cluster MQ 4.4u1 + MQ 3.7 (master) + MQ 3.7 + MQ 3.7 couldn't be established 
6900322 tonga/jmsserver/ha/Queue/mfha2 test fail in milestone Build5-d-4.4u1 
6901405 log JDBC vendor information and vendor properties if specified 
6901869 HA: imqdbmgr -backup/restore prints ERROR message then terminate 
6902037 Change to properties and default values for controlling sync-to-disk behaviour with txn log. 
6561494 messages are delivered to the wrong consumer when both share a session 
6378257 RA should log all the configuration properties if start() fails (covers broker startup failure). 
6586748 MQ 4.1 b35j: Hardcoded string in Adding Object Factory 
6615490 Session.recover does not redeliver unack message to new consumer if its original consumer was closed 
6742151 init-config script hardcodes location of 'awk' 
6745761 XAResource.isSameRM() should return true when two connections used in same XA TX (with JMSJCA) 
6745763 XAResource.isSameRM() should return true when two connections used in same XA TX (JMSRA DIRECT mode) 
6745768 XAResource.isSameRM() should return true when two connection used in same XA TX (JMSRA LOCAL/REMOTE) 
6755273 AIX zip installer:  remove '-t' option from help text 
6757541 Example README files need cleanup 
6758341 German: Unlocalized word "queue" in cmdline cmd_metrics_dst 
6759365 imqbrokerd.exe, imqcmd.exe .. etc should retrieve JDK from registry 
6760317 init-config hardcodes location of uname to be /bin/uname - does not work for MacOS 
6760416 Cancelling uninstaller will still remove some OI files; future uninstalls will fail 
6760450 Message store getting corrupted if the machine is rebooted without stopping the MQ (GF) instance 
6762593 installer should have a parameter causing it to skip the warning about non-global zone installation 
6763252 broker should log a meaningful message than NPE when ack a message that has been expired/removed 
6763743 OpenMQ install:Readmes for Example have PATH specified that are valid for SJSMQ but not  for Open MQ 
6764635 L01n executable jars do not print out version information 
6765384 NPE on removing remote consumer in 4.x broker when a connected 3.7 broker down 
6766241 UMS: SendMsg.html AJAX example uses /ums as default context root. It should use /imqums 
6766260 servicetag registry file is updated at incorrect location on Windows 
6766852 DirectXAResource translates broker CONFLICT status to "TxID is already in use" 
6767452 mq4.3 installer on windows does not detect JDK1.6.0_10 
6767917 imqbrokerd -license shows 4.1 Enterprise Edition 
6779413 MQRA: Re-send messages from MQRA direct connections caused MQJMSRA_DS4001:JMSServiceException. 
6779425 imqcmd restart broker: -rtr and -rtm options don't work 
6782140 JMSRA: Allow users to disable shared subscriptions when running in a clustered GlassFish container 
6790224 JDBC store should retry operation for MySQL "Deadlock found when trying to get lock" error 
6794268 Don't supress standard and error output from a local broker 
6796506 remote PREPARED msg not redelivered after rollback in case timeout in receiving remote PREPARE reply 
6801516 STOMP: Implement content-length in header of text MESSAGE frame 
6805569 Message Transformer classes imqxm.jar missing from IPS pkg mq-core 
6806716 recovery commit from TM to XAResourceImpl throws "Unknown XID" exception from client runtime 
6807708 TemporaryDestination.delete fail if master broker is not running 
6807812 -reset store need reserve internal property in the property table 
6808708 RollbackException should initCause with the originated XAException on prepare() failure 
6809750 Connection pooling (from JMSRA) for clientId connection does not work. 
6810205 MQ installable into Non-Global Zone 
6810212 remote message ack timeout should be configurable 
6810277 RFE: pass imqbridgemgr client locale to bridge service manager 
6810692 on link start, obtaining target connection should be defered if stay-connected false 
6810694 add more logging information on shared and pooled connection factory operations 
6810940 imqbridgemgr start link does not start the link after the link is stopped with bridge STARTED 
6810964 should only check bridge type for pause/resume if bridge name not specified 
6812011 needs to create IMQ_VARHOME/instances and chmod it to 1777 
6812049 allow imqbridgemgr -debug to show shared/pooled connection factories and their status 
6812136 broker looks at wrong location for keystore password 
6812198 Classcast exception thrown when monitoring using MQ topic metrics 
6812666 RFE: add extension to UNSUBSCRIBE frame to support durable-subscriber-name to unsubscribe a durable 
6813747 RFE: use Grizzly 1.9.x ConnectionCloseHandler to detect stomp client abnormal termination 
6815036 HelloWorld example failed with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError error 
6815132 RFE: ACK a msg for transacted SUBSCRIBEr should ack all msgs sent to the subscriber before the msg 
6815537 Test RABrokerLifeCycleTest011 hangs on mqvs3 (sparc) with Build3-f-crane 
6815541 imq.persist.file.txnLog.enabled=true should be ignored when broker running with JDBC store 
6816023 Message.setStringProperty() exception does not show property name on Illegal character exception 
6816869 STOMP: content-length is missing for a TextMessage with empty payload 
6816988 STOMP: Unable to send 10KB Message 
6817249 Need to preserve contents of imqenv.conf and imqbrokerd.conf in IPS pkgs 
6817423 STOMP: client stops receiving messages after attempting to subscribe with duplicate id 
6817434 cluster callback dispatch run method should catch exception 
6817445 cluster uidprefix lock request should be sent before starts NORMAL services after sync with mast 
6818080 STOMP: Null pointer exception running two STOMP clients simultaneously 
6818101 start BridgeServiceManager should catch Throwable to prevent broker main thread exit on bridge Error 
6818468 WARNING "Force  [CONNECTION_CLEANUP] roll back transaction .." on shutdown should log at DEBUG level 
6819072 stomp: should log request exception on server side 
6819095 RFE: cluster should support setting input/output sream buffer size and TcpNoDelay 
6819432 MQ4.3 with Installer fails to install on OpenSolaris (end with status "Not Configured") 
6819587 Need to change SJSMQ product name to GlassFish Message Queue 
6819593 mq-config IPS package contains wrong package name description 
6820494 TemporaryQueue/Topic destinations should be cached for a CONNECT session 
6820917 sjsmq4.4 installer not displaying -j jdk option in help menu 
6821622 STOMP over Grizzly SSL can't send large size message 
6822219 splash screens need to be updated with "Sun GlassFish(tm) Message Queue" 
6822685 tonga/jmsclient/ra/rablc/RABrokerLifeCycleTest* hangs on all systems with Build4-i-crane 
6822822 Version.isCommercialProduct() returning wrong value 
6822825 Some strings still show "Sun Java(tm) System Message Queue" in administration console 
6823075 ips updatetool failing to update components 
6823264 MQ IPS installer picks up old open installer settings from native pkging installer. 
6825099 When BrokerDownException on remote PREPARE, no need to rm non-durable Topic consumer's remote txnack 
6825431 tonga/cclient/shimtest/... tests failing due to product rebranding 
6826480 NPE in XASessionImpl.close on connection closing 
6826640 unable to run MQ 4.4 IPS installer as non root user on Solaris platforms 
6826878 AIX & Unix imq.log.handlers should not define syslog 
6827534 Uninstalling IPS pkg mq-config or mq-config-gf will remove broker instance data 
6827728 Wildcard subscriptions do not match valid non-alphanumeric characters 
6827934 STOMP: Broker couldn't sustain more than 10 STOMP clients with default VM memory settings 
6828381 pkg install attemping to connect to non preferred authorities 
6828389 pkg install mq doesn't update mq on unix platforms 
6828590 stomp ACK a message for SUBSCRIBE ack:client mode throw exception 
6829113 ConcurrentModificationException when Tuxedo TM rollback timed out transaction under heavy load 
6830251 jmsbridge test tonga/jmsbridge/mq_to_mq/faultinjection/test4 failed in milestone run 
6832000 MQ reapExcessConnection JDBC connection runs into HIGH CPU spin 
6832197 non-transacted remote ack should not wait for remote reply if client does not ask for ackack 
6832303 STOMP: inconsistent header sequence in STOMP ERROR frame on AIX v/s on Solaris 
6832502 SGFMQ installer unable to detect a valid JDK or JRE when running as non root user 
6832559 Broker needs to create var/instances directory on windows if directory does not exist. 
6832666 javahelp in admin gui doesn't work on windows 
6833109 MQClusterMonitor JMX Sample application throws Exception on AIX with JDK6 
6834075 NPE occationally occurs immediately after a non-transacted SUBSCRIBE frame if messages are waiting 
6834735 confusing log msg "Unexpected Broker Interal Error" when Tuxedo TM timeout a txn in START state 
6836691 HA(JCAPS):msg already been removed exception on receive after XA receiver rollback then commit a msg 
6838229 STOMP:allow MessageTransformer to transform user specific header that has invalid JMS property name 
6840184 Some missing class files from imqstomp.jar 
6845625 broker entering low memory state when remote consumers repeatly created/closed 
6848495 Test ra/rablc/RABrokerLifeCycleTest011 hangs on mqlx4-vm with Build9-d-crane 
6849979 not logged at INFO level for UDP heartbeat DatagramSocket.send IOException message 
6850904 GF v3 zip distribution requires multiplaform content packages for MQ 4.4 
6850911 IMQ_DEFAULT_VARHOME variable needs to be set to default value in GF specific imqenv.conf file 
6850913 GF v3 zip distribution requires enhanced handling of JDK location in MQ 4.4 
6850954 stomp: under SEND stress test Invalid header exception can occur for a valid header 
6850955 stomp: under SEND stress test IndexOutOfBoundsException can occur when parsing end-of-frame 
6852018 Error message "Cannot add durable consumer {0}. No ClientID was set on connection." is misleading 
6852207 NPE on sending msg to remote broker causes remote broker "unable to process message" on read msg pkt 
6853822 confusing exception message "Cannot perform operation END_TRANSACTION" when end a FAILED txn 
6854777 MQ GUI installer shows "incomplete" status on OpenSolaris 
6855176 build10: NPE on init jmsbridge if target broker (target JMS provider) is not started 
6855387 Unable to run imqusermgr from any directories 
6855440 should log current transaction state on exception when adding txn-ack/message if txn is not started 
6855826 Test msgs-1m-ssl failed on mqvs3 with repeated FrameParseException: No null terminator byte 
6856991 NullPointerException after broker restarts then rollback a durable consumer PREPARED transaction 
6857587 tonga/jmsclient/error test failing on Windows 
6858121 confusing WARNING 'Unknow transaction' in broker log on 'imqcmd list txn' if remote txn exists 
6858138 imqcmd list txn shows 0 #acks for remote transaction 
6859980 VisualVM Plugin: Broker subnode tree is not available if MQ broker is started after jvisualvm 
6860514 JMSBridge:allow consume without transfer a message if its MessageTransformer.transform() throw Excep 
6861011 JMS Bridge: allow MessageTransformer.transform() to instruct the bridge to not transfer the message 
6861130 mq4.4: inconsistent message in imqbridgemgr usage 
6861169 MQ4.4, one typo in 
6861362 JMS Bridge: support autoap target destination to source Message.getJMSDestination 
6861528 JMS Bridge: allow MessageTransformer.transform() branch the msg to a different destination in target 
6861648 MQ4.4: STOMP output contains {0},{1},{2} 
6861670 MQ4.4: Failed to start bridge service manager due to missing class NotXAConnectionFactoryException 
6861774 RABrokerLifeCycleTest011 hangs on mqsflinux2 (RH 5.2) with Build12-b-crane 
6861862 Grizzly runtime incompatibile version warning log message is confusing 
6861873 STOMP/JMSBridge: no size limit imposed on log file 
6861886 STOMP: repeated exception thrown when sent invalid STOMP command to broker 
6862845 BridgeCmdSharedResources should be placed in imqbroker.jar 
6863565 MQ 4.4: adjust translation for some message about bridge (zh_CN) 
6863586 MQ 4.4: messages about jmsbridge to be i18ned 
6864334 Spanish - can not install MQ 
6865246 MQ simple zip download bundles should be IPS user images 
6865643 imqbrokerd -javahome option fails if JRE supplied 
6867596 recovered PREPARED txn after broker restart return backto PREPARED state if broker restart again 
6868741 Exception occurs with pkg & updatetool bootstrap utils in MQ install image 
6868780 Searching the SWI IPS repo with "mq" does not always show all MQ pkgs 
6869575 Resource adapter should check imq.jmsra.isXAJoinAllowed in ResourceAdapter.start() 
6869851 log message "Unable to obtain database connection after waiting for 60 secs" with active conns < min 
6871612 HA:log msgs"Cant notify transaction..completion.."while consume remote msgs ifthepending broker down 
6872514 Starting an embedded broker with FINEST debugging throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 
6873850 JMSBridge: ClassCastException on create producer to MQ target with "AS_SOURCE" of foreign provider 
6874706 HPUX: MQ imqbroker process needs atleast "-Xss256k" stack size to start on HP-UX 
6875348 Set IPS image metadata 
6886391 NullPointerException on acknowledge message if message has been removed already 
6840533 Autocreated destinations with messages, no active clients, that are then purged, don't timeout 
6760031 MQ Embedded broker RA use for outbound JMS createConnection always logs an entry 
6765410 masterbroker sends local interests 2 times cause slave exception Durable subscription already active 
6821639 NPE on rollback/commitTransaction during AS recovery for MQRA-DIRECT mode 
6760937 Broker does not reconnect to the DB if it is restarted 
6799428 Non-persistent messages/Non-durable deposited messages in DMQ cannot be consumed but browsable.
6242247 MQ cluster with masterbroker startup and hangs if both broker is on same machine have same name
6836364 wildcard subscriber does not receive remote msg if its topic is created before subscriber 
6831547 The mesage ID seems to be corrupted when sent via HTTP tunnel 
6854142 "Waiting for cluster connection"  "Closed cluster connection" to remote broker every 3 minutes 
6836749 HA(JCAPS):ack exists in store exception on receive after 1 of durables rollback then commit a msg 
6837671 HA(JCAPS):endless redeliver a committed message when XAResourceImpl.rollback after a success commit 
6858905 ConcurrentModificationException in Consumer.destroyConsumer
6858516 FileStore TransactionInfo.readExternal does not populate its bkrMap 
6862413 confusing log message "mq:// ..." is reachable within 60 seconds" 
6858213 reaper thread for committed transactions does not run repeatly on reapInterval 
6820588 a cluster transaction that consume both local and remote messages stay as COMMITTED in waiting state
6861653 excessive cluster txn info sent to COMMIT incomplete down remote broker under high txn load
6858488 COMMITTED txn not removed from txn home broker if remote participant broker removed its COMMITTED tx
6820585 'imqcmd list txn' does not show COMMITTED cluster transactions waiting for remote broker completion
6863867 MissingResourceException on HA broker restarts if has pending COMMITTED from a down remote broker
6798464 basic api test sometimes throws Null Pointer Exception
6868525 NullPointerException on forwarding temporary destination to remove broker on link establishment
6868578 some broadcast/unicast no check if a link established interferes/w link handshake cause link down
6758817 imq.cluster.hostname=localhost cause unable to cluster brokers on different machines 
6758952 imq.portmapper.hostname=localhost cause brokers unable to cluster 
6722509 "mq.sys.dmq could not found" exception when consuming expired remote messages from DMQ 
6741650 need pass default algorithm to KeyManagerFactory for 'SunX509' not available in IBM Java 5 
6742199 imqbrokerd -remove instance fails with unable to remove log file if it's NFS mounted on AIX 
6744457 XML: Restarting broker causes Appserver to restart after deploying ums.war file. 
6758325 unlocalized string in cmdline: bkr_start_tty: JESMF classes not present 
6727555 'Max byte per msg exceeded' broker log msg has actual msg size and max byte per msg values switched 
6756930 SUN Inventory Display is incorrect for registration done using Zip based installer 
6744971 : Need to remove NSS/NSPR from list of dependencies 
6757259 Text Mode : zip based installer error executing registration only flag in text mode 
6757261 zip based installer error executing registration only flag in gui mode 
6760001 An SJSMQ and an OpenMQ installation on the same system causes errors in the installer then hangs. 
6759030 l10n rpm packages not installed. 
6757063 README for Zip based installer needs corrections 
6764845 imqkeytool breaks IPS layout 
6758524 Can not use imqcmd to list wildcard durable subscribers 
6702014 Database support should be updated to support Oracle 10 and 11. 
6738287 MQ broker still logs the type of license used at start up 
6737404 Provide counts of messages waiting to be delivered to durable subscribers and in queues 
6737310 LastAckTime and NumMsgs from ConsumerManagerMonitor MBean is incorrect/no updated for durables 
6735913 each msg take ~2.40min in JDBC store due to HADB timeout causes ha/remote/3dura/kill very very slow 
6173086 inability to create a store directory should be a fatal error 
6740568 Broker throws an exception when consuming 100K messages in a single transaction 
6173084 RandomAccessStore error can not create store hierarchy should be clearer 
6757885 UMS: UMS samples README should mention the need to deploy imqums.war in order to run the samples. 
6758412 UMS: csharp example ReceiveSoapmsg -h gives -c option which is non existent 
6758423 UMS: write soap response msg for receive to standard output in csharp & python examples 
6758508 UMS/Python Samples : usage options not defined in 
6737557 MQ 4.2, some errors in 
4973808 Better diagnositcs for StreamCorruptedException 
6629462 tranhandler.redeliverUnack reroute closed consumer's remote msgs causes mh_restart500 fail on mqvx7 
6637333 misleading log 'Unexpected Broker Internal Error' if txn ack BrokerException due to consumer closed 
6638577 BrokerException 'Transaction .. is not started' does not log enough information 
6641117 msg not redelivered to new consumer afte Session.rollback if old consumer is closed after rollback 
6656156 RFE: pass client connection IP address to JAAS LoginModule 
6684069 prepare remote ack fail/w 'Message..has been removed' when close session/w large remote msg stream 
6705265 jcaps:Msgs left in prepared state after outbound connection failover. 
6714488 tonga/jmsserver/general/shareddur/sd1 test hang on mqvx5 and mq-win3 
6759089 Embedded MQ broker throws fails with TransactionID in use or message already been removed. 
6719359 tonga/jmsserver/bugs/bug6252184 failed on mqvx8 in Build17-b-harrier2 nightly tonga run 
6624527 MQ java client runtime does not log exceptions thrown from the message listener.
6631674 confusing client log message '[C4107]: Auto/Dups-OK acknowledge failed ..' for transacted session 
6679874 jcaps:JMSJCA should not close connections when connected to MQ HA brokers. 
6680975 Request for XML text message content validation upon publish request 
6628999 GET_MESSAGES handler throws exception when start/max props specified and destination is empty 
6309974 Update imqadmin splash screen to new Sun brand 
6634029 'imqcmd list/query dst' should show remote message count 
6695238 C client apps cannot connect to broker installed in location with space in it 
6686726 problem in handling multibyte chars entered into installer registration dialog 
6697189 Hang in installer Registration Progress screen, error seen on console/terminal 
6587127 MQ PH4.1 "installer -a nonexistent_file" - improve error message in Solaris/Linux, typo on Windows 
6587626 Installer usage help needs to show examples of silent mode and answer file usage 
6662050 unable to register using mq4.2 installer 
6672430 MQ4.2 Installer should revert to Register screen if Registration fails not Proxy setup screen 
6674048 Provide better error message when registration fails 
6678536 installer actually performs sysnet registration when run in dry run mode 
6683897 installer configuration step fails because writing to /dev/stderr fails on some machines 
6700777 An error message popups with "[$USER_NAME_LABEL]*[{0}{1}]" on Register screen 
6706631 country gets reset when returning to the account creation page 
6585911 MQ installer JDK selection screen should not list JRE on installer media 
6705565 create operation of DestinationManagerConfig MBean cannot create hierarchical destinations 
6710169 JMX operation ConsumerManagerMonitor.getConsumerInfo always returns SESSION_TRANSACTED for ack mode 
6660895 Missing README for tuxedo demo in MQ C sample 
6700190 problem in installer registration country names dropdown selection 
6672915 wrong message order while receiving msgs in a transaction after some session close/create 
6174678 RFE: Hierarchical namespace for topics 
6686656 problem in i18n wildcard destination 
6660211 file store migration tests migrthrasher2store & migrharrierstore fail 
6691394 SQLException "A lock could not be obtained within the time requested" with Derby when storing msg 
6713071 Provide a mechanism for configuring the storage engine type for MySQL database 
6297667 Evaluate which GC option to use to avoid GC pauses as much as possible 
6718085 'Broker Internal Exception' on END_TRANSACTION when a message expired while consuming
6754953 Transaction logging become inactive after broker is recovering from a failure (not a clean shutdown)
6760318 Below expectation MQ performance with HADB
6713012 destroyed consumer propagated on remote broker restart cause remote messages not redelivered
6758313 java.lang.NullPointerException when processing transactions at startup
6761759 The broker does not handle well messages that were exprired while being processed by a consumer
6622728 Client exited without closing connections
6638746 'imqcmd debug class -n <class> -debug' not working
6727713 remote message flow to multiple queue consumers is not balanced
6634033 cluster protocol should  propagate consumer flow control (prefetch) limit to remote broker
6629179 WARNING: EOFException logged from ClusterMessageAckInfo.toString on mqvx7 in mh_restart500 test
6710355 NON_PERSISTENT producer hang if its destination is gone and flowcontrol limit reached
6729937 Pausing consumers on a destination is causing broker process to consume large amounts of CPU
6694089 Memory leak processing expired messages in the broker
6686606 MQ broker stops accepting messages because vrfile is expanded to a ludicrous size
6710168 consumer no longer consumes messages if destination paused twice without resume in between
6727644 Broker throws exception Cannot allocate memory when consuming messages
6696742 Client reconnect: MQ client needs to be able to override setSOTimeout and/or use of isReachable
6650002 MQ broker auto recreates temporary queue/topic
6706146 Broker process preventing GF server restart in Windows
6635130 broker not send RESUME_FLOW if at destlimit cause NON_PERSISTENT producer hang if flowlimit reached 
6629922 tranhandler.redeliverUnaked on rollback should redeliver inactive consumer's messages to front 
6664213 should not send self-generated JMQTransactionID to broker on start TMJOIN if no jmq transactionID 
6664278 JMQ connections won?t close after broker is bounced 
6664280 JMQ client unresponsive, loads CPU at 100% and generates log output at a high rate 
6665711 Provide HA support for the JMS ConnectionConsumer/XA interfaces. 
6667940 transaction should be marked rollback-only in case of transaction ack failure for message listeners 
6650996 JMS Message not being acknowledged in EMBEDDED service 
6590909 DIRECT mode MDB does not connect to remote broker when addresslist is overridden 
6611410 DIRECT:Broker Transaction exception during load test 
6625731 priority head updated wrong in addAllToFront incase dups causes 1000 iteration test Bug6440581 fail
6590969 The SUN message queue broker should be able to cope with user names in dn format uid=tomr,ou=People 
6579719 Broker does not delivers messages to the clients after some rollbacks 
6611867 need null check in detatch consumer to avoid NullPointerException in case msg expired after delivery 
6615741 message not redelivered to new consumer on Session.rollback if its original consumer was closed 
6585449 'notify commit txn failed' warning logged if imq.txn.reapLimit low & > 1 remote msg commit in 1 txn 
6573862 JMSServiceException on send when sending the received message directly in DIRECT mode 
6580902 JESMF WARNING in broker log file when domain is started/stopped 
6593458 legal files should be placed in a legal sub-directory 
6584433 Any use of message selector will perturb the MQ receive order of the non selector receiver 
6598971 Broker failed to restart after a crashed and transaction logging is enabled

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