Uncovering actionable insights to make the world a safer place

Society's rapidly increasing reliance on technology in both personal and professional realms offers great benefits. But it also introduces risk as these systems are complex and likely contain vulnerabilities or configuration challenges. Rapid7 believes it is imperative to identify and understand the risks associated with technical systems and services so their users can take steps to protect themselves. This is why we invest in security research. We analyze both enterprise and consumer technologies to understand their weaknesses, configuration challenges, and vulnerabilities, and we share the resulting insights broadly and openly, giving our community the information they need to learn about, and mitigate, their risk. Our approach focuses on education and remediation, and we hope to help make technology safer for users, so they can focus on reaping the benefits of technological innovation without threat of unintended negative consequences.

We conduct a broad range of research across four areas:

Our community philosophy

We believe security is the responsibility of all technology users, manufacturers, and intermediaries and that collaboration is the only way to achieve long-term change. That’s why we’re committed to openly sharing security information, helping our peers to learn, grow, and develop new capabilities, and supporting each other in raising and addressing issues that affect the cybersecurity community.