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3 min SOAR

Amplifying Impact to Reduce Friction: A Guide to Security Team Efficiency

In this blog, Rapid7 product leaders offer advice on how to free up security teams to address critical threats and eliminate repetitive tasks.

6 min SOAR

Managing Cybersecurity in the Real Estate Industry: A Rapid7 Customer Story

We sat down with Tony Hamil, the senior cybersecurity engineer for a real estate development company, to hear how he and his team are managing security.

3 min SOAR

Why SOAR Is an Essential Cybersecurity Tool for Financial Services Companies

With an efficient and productive cybersecurity process in mind, let’s take a look at how SOAR helped a financial organization protect its customers.

3 min Security Operations (SOC)

SOC Automation: Threat Detection and Response with SIEM and SOAR

We believe that the best solution to industry-wide struggles with threat detection and response is to increase efficiency using SIEM and SOAR together.

5 min

How Rapid7 Customer Hilltop Holdings Integrates Security Tools for a Multi-Layered Approach

We interviewed Hilltop Holdings' director of security operations about how his organization approaches multi-level security in the financial industry.

3 min SOAR

Rapid7 Named 2019 Global SOAR Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

We are thrilled to announce that Frost & Sullivan has named Rapid7 as the Global SOAR Company of the Year after analyzing InsightConnect.