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We are thrilled to announce that global research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has named Rapid7 as the Global SOAR Company of the Year after analyzing our security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) tool, InsightConnect. Frost & Sullivan reported that InsightConnect is a “visionary innovation” that allows us to “deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.”

Here’s a brief overview of their report and findings:

Security teams need SOAR tools, regardless of their size or security maturity

Global IT staffing shortages are on the rise, and the number of security threats continues to grow, along with the number of tools security professionals use to address these threats. Because of this, security teams oftentimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of alerts they receive on a daily basis. When you take into account that the majority of these alerts are false positives, it’s no wonder security professionals are quickly fatiguing. SOAR solutions are a dream come true for security teams because they cut down on the number of alerts analysts have to sift through and the time it takes to identify and mitigate real threats.

Unfortunately, vendors that have developed SOAR tools have traditionally geared them toward large enterprise organizations that have robust and mature security operations. Because of this, SOAR tools have felt out of reach for organizations that didn’t have the budget or resources, and integration was too difficult for organizations that didn’t already have fully recognized tech stacks. The double bind is that most organizations are always behind in terms of security infrastructure and processes due to the aforementioned shortage of security professionals and growing threats in the face of shrinking budgets.

Frost & Sullivan recognized Rapid7’s InsightConnect tool for being specifically designed to help organizations of all sizes that are looking to improve their security maturity. Because of the breadth of its integrations, no-code platform, and subscription-based pricing model, InsightConnect allows mid-market companies to use the tool without needing to work with managed security services providers (MSSPs). The tool is agnostic to the size of the organization implementing it, the experience level of their security staff, or even the budget they have to build a security program.

A tool that’s ready to grow with the SOC

One of InsightConnect’s many benefits includes its scalability as a result of its thoughtful integrations and long list of features. Companies can use InsightConnect to their advantage as they build out their security processes or as a catalyst for growth. A no-code visual workflow developer allows analysts to configure plugins to perform a number of important actions, such as selecting a trigger source, configuring actions, and automating processes—all without having to touch a single line of code. InsightConnect also allows teams to configure settings to allow for human decision points throughout the process, so automation doesn’t take away the possibility of detailed analysis, where necessary.

InsightConnect’s ChatOps feature provides new ways for teams to collaborate and communicate by integrating with popular communication tools, which improves flexibility and efficiency for teams of all sizes. Analysts can even use their existing collaboration tools to trigger and interact with workflows, giving them access to more options for working on issues.

Perhaps the greatest time saver for analysts comes from InsightConnect’s dashboards, which display all metrics from tools across the network on a single page. The tool also allows analysts to make widgets to display specific metrics as they need them, which helps security teams make data-based decisions to determine the focus of their strategy.

Customers love InsightConnect

Frost & Sullivan noted that Rapid7 has grown rapidly because customers are very satisfied with our products. One reason for this is the speed with which our solutions can be onboarded and adopted by team members. In fact, InsightConnect can take as little as two days to set up. It’s also very easy to use, based on visual workflows, and creates automations that make SOC team members’ jobs easier and save them time.

We’d love to show you what makes InsightConnect worthy of such a recognition from Frost & Sullivan, as well as the customers who use it every day.

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