Last updated at Thu, 14 Dec 2023 21:24:57 GMT

This year we've made many enhancements to the configuration policy assessment capabilities in Nexpose, including adding 4 new reports and NIST 800-53 controls mapping. Last week we unveiled a new and improved user interface for the Policy Manager, providing you with more information on your compliance position at your fingertips.

With the new interface, you can quickly see how compliant you are overall, understand where you need to focus, and drill down to get detailed policy results. But it's not just the look-and-feel that's improved, we've also been working on making the Policy Manager more responsive and scalable, enabling larger datasets to load much faster.

What's New

The new Policy View lets you see at a glance all the policies you've scanned for and the overall percentage of compliance across your network. Clicking on the number of Scanned Policies dynamically filters the table below to only show policies with assessment results. Sort the table by Rule Compliance to quickly see which policies are the least compliant, or by Compliance Trend to see which policies are heading in the wrong direction.

Clicking on a policy takes you to a detailed view showing the number of scanned assets and the overall level of compliance. You can drill into a particular rule to see more information including the assessment results of each scanned asset and remediation steps - giving you all the information you need to take action.

The new interface also includes a new Asset view where you can see which assets are the most and least compliant, when they were last scanned, and whether they're improving their compliance position or not.

Like with policies, clicking on an asset takes you to a detailed view of the asset showing the number of assessed rules and the overall level of compliance. You can drill into a particular rule to see more information including whether the asset is compliant with the rule, proof for why the rule passed or failed, and remediation steps.

Auditing your systems for compliance with secure configuration policies like CIS, DISA STIGs, and USBCG is an important part of any effective security and compliance program. If you haven't tried automating this process using the Policy Manager in Nexpose yet, or haven't tried it in a while, then now is the perfect time.