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    Act at the moment of impact

    It’s a race. You against the vulnerabilities living in your network. And this race happens in real-time, not just during a scanning window. Using Nexpose, your vulnerability management program has fresh data, granular risk scores, and knowledge of what attackers look for, so you can act as change happens. Whether using Nexpose Adaptive Security or Rapid7 Agents (Beta) you have the data you need to assess risk as they happen.

    Learn how to live in the now

    Live in the Now

    Live Monitoring of exposures

    Gather fresh data, via agents or agentless, and automatically assess for change and exposures, reducing remediation to a matter of minutes with a live view into vulnerabilities as they happen.

    Adapt to your changing environment

    Using Nexpose Adaptive Security, automatically detect and scan new devices as they enter your network and identify which devices have critical vulnerabilities as soon as they’re released.

    Implement secure configurations

    Harden your systems based on industry best practices like CIS and DISA STIG, and start getting your network in shape.

    Scalability is key

    Nexpose’s distributed architecture and advanced discovery capabilities (including integrations with VMWare and DHCP) make it easy to manage vulnerability management programs whether covering ten thousand or one million devices a day. Plus, our services team can set everything up for you while you focus on what matters – security.

    Analytics that think like an attacker

    Vulnerabilities are not all equal, and they shift depending on the unique aspects of your always changing network. Understanding which vulnerability is most threatening requires access to fresh data and more than a list of old scan alerts with CVSS scores. With decades of security knowledge, our vulnerability management software asks and answers the right questions for you, no data degree required. The result helps you prioritize where to look, what to do first, and the impact of your action.

    Learn how to create your action plan with Nexpose

    Create Your Action Plan with Nexpose

    Threat Exposure Analytics

    Nexpose translates decades of attacker knowledge into a proven analytics library. Fueled by always fresh data, Nexpose Threat Exposure Analytics spots change as it happens and automatically prioritizes where to look.

    Risk scores without the wait

    CVSS doesn’t change, attackers do. Nexpose is the only vulnerability assessment tool that looks at exploit exposure, malware availability, and prioritizes vulnerabilities through the eyes of the attacker.

    Close the vulnerability loop and confirm the fix was made

    Integrate Nexpose with Metasploit, the most widely used penetration testing framework in the world, for real-time validation of which systems are exposed and which controls are working.

    Use innovative research for an innovative security program

    Tap into Rapid7’s Project Sonar to see what external doors into your network you’re missing. Subscribe to our threat feeds to quickly scan for and address dangerous new vulnerabilities.

    See your exposure with Liveboards

    Nexpose transforms your vulnerability management data into detailed visualizations so
    you can focus resources and easily share each action with security, IT, compliance, and the C-Suite.

    Learn more about accessible analytics and adaptive Liveboards

    Accessible Analytics and Adaptive Liveboards

    Liveboards, not simply dashboards

    Most dashboards are static reports. Nexpose live dashboards use fresh data and our Threat Exposure Analytics so you can visualize, prioritize, assign, and fix your exposures.

    Simplify compliance and report with ease

    Show auditors how your environment has changed over time, demonstrating how you’re compliant against PCI DSS, NERC CIP, FISMA (USGCB/FDCC), HIPAA/HITECH, Top 20 CSC, DISA STIGS, and CIS standards for risk, vulnerability, and configuration management.

    Learn more about Rapid7 compliance solutions >

    Tell your story and show progress

    Easily build reports to communicate the overall vulnerability management program to multiple audiences from IT and compliance to the C-Suite.

    Become best friends with IT, boost productivity

    The 'toss and run' mentality of manual remediation has failed. Throwing stale alerts over the wall to IT and hoping things get done is ineffective and leads to friction between teams and no improvement to security.

    Nexpose Remediation Workflow (Beta) makes IT your best friend by converting vulnerability data into prioritized tasks and context including what needs to be fixed, by when, and why. Plus, it allows you to track and measure this work together in Nexpose or your ticketing solution. Finally a vulnerability management tool that helps bridge the gap between security and IT teams.

    Learn more about how Nexpose plays well with others

    Easily plan, follow, execute, and track remediation

    Show your team exactly what to fix and why. Prioritize based on likelihood of use in an attack; so if you can only fix 10 things today, you know you’re fixing the right things.

    Play well with all your security tools

    Nexpose is a data-rich resource that can amplify the other solutions in your stack, from a SIEM and firewalls to a ticketing system. Only Nexpose integrates with 50+ other leading technologies; and with the Nexpose open API, your existing data can make your other tools even more valuable.

    Asset organization

    Tag assets by location and ownership to easily understand who owns what. Mark the assets that matter most to your company as critical to automatically increase their risk score and put them atop your remediation reports.

    • Nexpose helps us be efficient with resources by identifying areas that need more attention, where improvement will have a positive impact on our overall risk score.
    • Now remediation is completed in a matter of weeks, versus 2-3 months.
    • [Nexpose] reduced our vulnerability count by 2/3 within a 12 month period.

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